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The role of environmental assessment in the sustainable development process in Hong KongKwok, Wing-chi, Winnie.; 郭穎芝.2001207
The role of environmental audit in environmental managementTong, Wing-yin, Viola.; 唐詠賢1994957
The role of environmental monitoring and audit in the environmental impact assessment process in Hong KongChoi, Kai-hang; 蔡啓恒2003313
The role of environmental regulations and policies in managing plasticbottle waste in Hong KongChan, Yiu-chung, Joseph.; 陳耀宗.2011310
The role of estrogen receptor alpha & beta polymorphisms in osteoporosisLai, Ming-hei.; 賴銘曦.2007132
The role of ethanol-induced gastritis in experimentally-induced gastric ulcer formation and healing in ratsLiu, Shiu-lam, Edgar.; 廖兆霖2000308
The role of exchange protein directly activated by cyclic AMP 1-deficiency in diabetic and ischemic retinopathyLiu, Jin; 刘谨2011158
The role of exchange protein directly activated by cyclic AMP 2-deficiency in ischemic strokeCheng, Lu; 程璐2011121
The role of family therapy in residential casework: a case study of helping an adolescent facing dischargeWong Ho, Fung-see.; 黃何鳳施.1988192
The role of Fang Boqian in the sino-Japanese war of 1894Chow, Ching-wai.; 周政緯.2009328
The role of feedback from teachers and peers following school based assessment (SBA) tasks in improving students' presentationperformance: a case studyMak, Wing-shan.; 麥詠珊2008416
The role of fibronectin and atypical protein kinase C iota in the development of notochord and chondrocytesWang, Mo; 王沫201348
The role of financial statements in the lending decision: a protocol analysisKwok, Helen.; 郭漪玲1999230
The role of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in the investigation of lymph nodesLam, Chi-wai, Patrick.; 林志威.2007202
The role of formal and informal social support in the adjustment to illness among cancer patientsHo, Kim-kay, Canny.; 何劍琪1993178
The role of FoxD3 in gestational trophoblastic diseaseChiu, Ka-yue.; 招家裕.2012159
The role of FOXO3a in the development of chemoresistance in breast cancerChen, Jie; 陈洁2011207
The role of free radicals and antioxidants in motor neurone degenerative diseaseHo, Tsz-nga.; 何子雅1998179
The role of glial cells in the survival and axonal regeneration of retinal ganglion cellsLi, Shengxiu.; 李勝修1998128
The role of glial cells on neuronal survival in the CNS environment after hypoxia and ischemiaChui, Ka-meng.; 徐家明.2002172
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