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The relationship between motivational beliefs and mathematics achievement among Chinese students in Hong KongLeung, Siu-on, Terence1998366
The relationship between motives, learning strategies, attributions for success and failure and level of achievement among secondaryschool students in Hong KongChan Ho, Tak-fong, Irene.1990395
The relationship between numerical estimation and number sense in students' learning of mathematicsLeung, Yun-hing.; 梁潤興.2007218
The relationship between on-time performance and service evaluationChan, Wai-sang, William.; 陳偉生1996125
The relationship between outcomes and learning approaches of sixth form students taking advanced supplementary level liberal studies in aHong Kong school: a case studySin, Wai-hung, Paul.; 冼偉鴻.1995226
The relationship between parental choice and marketing strategies of secondary schools: case study in a newlydeveloped districtFung, Sun-wai, Leo.; 馮新偉.1996202
The relationship between participation in outdoor activities and environmental attitude of Hong Kong pupilsLai, Yiu-keung.; 黎耀強.1995228
The relationship between participation level in extracurricular activities and academic achievement in science subjects in Hong Kongfifth form studentsHuang, John.; 黃約翰.1988263
The relationship between peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) and cell proliferationCheng, Wai; 鄭蔚2006120
The relationship between phonological awareness and reading abilityLo, Ho-chun, Rebecca.; 勞皓珍2003535
The relationship between physical fitness and physical activity in Hong Kong secondary school studentsHung, Chor-nam; 洪楚南1997431
The relationship between plant metaphors and poetic themes in the ShijingWan, Kong.; 溫剛.2008393
The relationship between principal leadership styles and the nature ofstaff appraisal activities in new aided secondary schools in HongKongYau, Chung-wan.; 丘頌云.1987192
The relationship between project funding and construction systemsChan, Man-wai.; 陳文偉.1997205
The relationship between public awareness and participation in tripartite partnership in Hong KongLi, Po-man, Nicole.; 李寶雯.2009174
The relationship between railway and spatial development in Hong KongLau, Yuen-yee, Carey.; 劉婉兒.1999215
The relationship between reading disability and visual perceptual problems in Chinese childrenWoo, Yu-chun, Eugenie1982200
The relationship between recitation and Chinese literatureChung, Chi-kwong.; 鍾志光2008250
The relationship between relative strength and relative endurance of students in a Hong Kong secondary schoolKwong, Man-wai, Michael.; 鄺文偉.1997161
The relationship between rent control and the emergence of cage housesin Hong KongChan, Yik-long, Pearl.; 陳亦朗1999507
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