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The making of a god: the deification of Chairman Mao ZedongCheung, Yuk-ching, Lucia.; 張玉淸1997304
The making of failure: an ethnographic study of schoolgirls in Hong KongTang, Pui-yee, Doris.; 鄧佩儀.1998273
The making of female entrepreneurs in Hong KongHo, Pue, Priscilla.; 何珮.1997214
The making of mental health policy in Hong Kong: problems in need assessmentAu, Chak-kwong; 區澤光1986356
The making of migrant entrepreneurs in contemporary China: an ethnographic study of garment producers in suburbanGuangzhouGao, Chong; 高崇2006400
The making of modern Malaysia's educational policy as a social engineering strategy designed to bring about an ideal Bangsa MalaysiaIp, Po-chu.1999235
The making of persons through social interaction: the case of the able-bodied and the handicappedWong, Ka-nar, Daisy.; 黃嘉娜1990272
The making of secondary school principals in Guangdong, The People's Republic of ChinaChu, Po-yee.; 朱寶儀.2001265
The making of the poetic imageWang, Xiaoli; 王晓莉2011273
The male characters in the fiction of contemporary Taiwanese women writersLee, Shi-fan.; 李仕芬1997297
The manacles of society: Blake's discourse onthe 'other'Jung, Kenneth Alan.1998252
The management of a crisis of deficiency and decline in education: a Hong Kong-Canada internationalcooperation project for local form five leaversLeung, Chun-tung.; 梁鎮東.1983154
The management of a Japanese information technology company in Hong KongWoo, Po-shan, Faustine.; 胡葆珊.2001492
The management of a new town development in Hong Kong: a case studyLam, Wai-nang.; 林偉能.1991205
The management of careers education programmes: challenges for school administrators in times of economicand social changesFan, Ho-chuen, Peter.; 范浩泉.1983169
The management of flue gas desulphurization waste in Hong KongWoo, Pak-wai, Jimmy.; 胡百偉.1995209
The management of innovation in a Hong Kong secondary school: a case studyCheng, Man-wai, Anthony.; 鄭文煒.1987158
The management of intrusion in telephone calls: a study of call-waiting in Cantonese telephoneconversationsLeung, Fung-yee; 梁鳳儀1997192
The management of Japanese E & M contracting companies in Hong KongChan, Chee-ming.; 陳熾明.1988190
The management of public fill in Hong Kong: afeasibility study of its possible privatizationCheuk, Wai-fun.; 卓偉勳.1999221
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