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Politicized academic capitalism: the Chinese communist party's sociopolitical control mechanisms over intellectualsduring the reform eraXia, Lu, Harold.; 夏璐.201358
Politicizing female subjectivity: performativity and sublimation in leftist writers Yang Mo, Xiao HongLo, Keng-chi.; 盧勁馳.2012238
Politicizing poetics: the (re)writing of the social imaginary in modern and contemporary Chinese poetryYu, Liwen.; 余麗文.2009337
Politics and administration in United Kingdom and Hong Kong polytechnics: a comparative studyMak, Kam-wing, Frederick.; 麥錦榮1981236
Politics and planning: an analysis of the role of MTRC in Hong KongChan, Ka-wing, Connie.; 陳嘉穎.201296
Politics and the history curriculum in China, England and Hong KongSin, Sze-man.; 冼思敏.2001255
Politics vs. poeticsCui, Wendong.; 崔文东.2011200
Politics, social change and education reform in Taiwan, 1994-2008Kwok, Ka-ho.; 郭家豪.2010211
Polluter pays principle laws in Hong KongYuen, Wai-ip, Edmond.; 袁偉業.1996830
Pollution of sea water by industrial outflows, with special reference to the inshore waters around Hong KongWong, Chi-shing.; 黃志成.1961379
Poly(methylmethacrylate) dentures reinforced with highly drawn polyethylene fibres: dimensional changesduring processing and in serviceHo Chung-fong, Jonathan.; 何中芳1998434
Polymer blend film for photovoltaic applications optical characterization and solar cell performanceNg, Annie; 吳玥201310
Polymerase activity of chimeric polymerase : a determining factor for an influenza virus to be a pandemic strainChin, Wing-hong; 錢永康201229
Polymers with pendant transition metal complexes for photovoltaic applications and nanofabricationsCheng, Kai-wing.; 鄭啟穎.2008522
Polymorphism in twelve species of Neritidae: (Mollusca : Gastropoda : Prosobranchia) from Hong KongHuang, Qin.; 黃勤.1995246
Polymorphisms of the {221}2-adrenergic receptor gene associated with asthma among Chinese in Hong KongKwok, Wing-yee, Winnie.; 郭穎怡.2003469
Polynomial addition setsMa, Siu-lun.; 馬少麟1985171
Polynomial time algorithms for linear and integer programmingChu, Chi-kwan.; 朱紫君2000216
Polyol pathway contributes to hyperglycemia-induced cardiac dysfunctionCheng, Wing-tim.; 鄭永添.2008241
Polyol pathway contributes to iron-induced oxidative damage in ischemia-reperfused rat heartsTang, Wai-ho, Jack.; 鄧偉豪2007230
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