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Oncogenic function of TWIST in the development and progression of prostate cancerKwok, Wai-kei.; 郭慧琪.2007177
Oncogenic role of integrin-linked kinase in hepatocellular carcinomaChan, Jenny.; 陳真真.2010286
Oncostatic actions of melatonin on tumor cell growth in the LNCaP model of human prostate cancerXi, Sichuan.2000251
One country, two planning systems: opportunities for the regional cooperation or competition ? a casestudy of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and GuangdongProvinceHo, Kwong-lung, Leo.; 何光隆1998162
One country, two systems: shipping and maritime customs affairs in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province (1897-1910)Cai, Sixing.; 蔡思行.201392
One SAR, three languages: Hong Kong's linguistic landscape, past, present, and futureKeto, Erik.2006234
One stage versus two stage cleft palate repair: implications for maxillary growthTan, Huann Lan.; 陳喚男.2011188
One to one cross-age peer tutoring and same-age peer tutoring in English dictation: a comparative studyCheung, Ching-yee, Cecilia.; 張靜儀.1993182
One-stop property management service of private residential property in Hong Kong: a case study of "LeSommet"and "The Parcville"Lau, Hoi-fan, Crista.; 劉愷芬.2006212
Online algorithms for the provision of quality of service in networksFung, Ping-yuen.; 馮秉遠.2005406
Online auction price prediction: a Bayesian updating framework based on the feedback historyYang, Boye.; 扬博野.2009363
Online fault detection and isolation of nonlinear systems based on neurofuzzy networksMok, Hing-tung.; 莫興東.2008336
Online literature in China: surfing for successSun, Min; 孫敏2002353
Online news with Chinese characteristics: themainland's ever changing picture of internet mediaSong, Yan; 宋妍2010237
Online teacher professional development (TPD): a case study of TPD provided by the Hong Kong EducationCity for secondary school history teachersHo, Shun-lin.; 何純連2002219
Online vocabulary games as a tool for teaching and learning English vocabularyYip, Wai-man, Florence; 葉慧敏20031,392
Onomastics translation: with reference to Chinese-English and English-Chinese examples in Hong Kong street namesYim, Wing-ha.; 嚴泳霞.2008432
"Opaque rings of earth": landscape description in Conrad's Africa and AsiaBrown, David Bruce Windsor.2012284
Open government, devolution of power and education policy-making in Hong KongLiu, Kwok-leung.; 廖國良.1995228
Open space and social interaction in urban neighbourhoods: the case of Hong KongCheung, Ka-kei.; 張嘉琪.2001381
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