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On the nature of the reversal of Mg2+-induced vascular relaxation byL-Name, a nitric oxide synthase inhibitorDas, Rapti.1996174
On the patient-subject construction in ChineseHe, Xiaoling.; 賀曉玲.2005748
On the phenomenon of "being strong in narration and weak in characterization" in Xiaohong's novelsWong, Ka-man.; 黃家文2008192
On the physiological response to exercise in thyrotoxicosis effect of beta-adrenoceptor blockade and antithyroid treatmentYu, Yu-chiu, Donald.; 余宇超1982205
On the playscripts of To Kwok WaiChan, King-chu.; 陳瓊珠2008221
On the prediction of adult shortness and tallnessWong, Hing-sang, Wilfred.; 黃慶生2003184
On the prime twins conjecture and almost-prime k-tuplesHo, Kwan-hung.; 何君雄.2002613
On the prosodic and thematic properties of post-completion constituents in focus-first constructions in Cantonese =Sung, Ka-yee, Rosa.; 宋家怡.2007271
On the pyramidal structure in ChinaZhu, Yuande.; 朱元德.2009282
On the q-numerical rangeLau, Hing-sang.; 劉慶生1999237
On the rate of slow cracking of materialsMai, Y. W.; 米耀榮1972203
On the relationship between Huainanzi and the modern edition of WenziTsang, Hoi-shan.; 曾愷珊.2011297
On the relationship between the prose and comics of Feng ZikaiChow, Wai-chun.; 周慧珍2008223
On the road to collaboration: a case study ofhome-school relationship in a local secondary schoolLeung, Ho-ping.; 梁浩平.1997188
On the spreading of viscous dense liquid under surface wavesFu, Sau-chung.; 傅秀聰2001257
On the stabilization and related problems of beamsLiu, Chao; 劉超200581
On the statistical inference of some nonlinear time series modelsLin, Zhongli; 林中立2009362
On the statistical modelling of stochastic volatility and its applications to financial marketsSo, Ka-pui.; 蘇家培.1996210
On the study of ventilation and pollutant removal over idealized two-dimensional urban street canyonsLeung, Ka-kit, Pieta.; 梁家杰.2012192
On the synchrony and diachrony of sentence-final particles: the caseof wo in CantoneseLeung, Wai-mun; 梁慧敏2006388
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