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Liking and disliking: a personal construct theory exploration.McCoy, Mildred1977192
Limit equilibrium analyses of the cut slope at chainage 23+800 Pos Selim highway MalaysiaLam, Yu-wang.; 林裕宏.201257
Limit equilibrium methods for slope stability analysisLiu, Ying; 劉影20021,052
Limitation of building controls on the architectural design based on domestic and non-domestic use of buildings in Hong KongGuan, Rui; 关锐2010309
Limitation of Q-factor of second-order active filter using finite gainoperational amplifiersChiu, Pui-leung; 趙佩亮1975249
Lineage and elite dominance in late imperial Chinese society: a case study of Shunde County, GuangdongMok, Kin-wai, Patrick.; 莫健偉1995192
Lineage and rural industry in South China: the case of TaishanChiu, Yue-tat, Franklin.; 趙汝達1995416
Linear coordinates, test elements, retracts and automorphic orbitsGong, Shengjun.; 龔勝軍.2008213
Linear dimensional change of heat-cured acrylic resin complete dentures after reline and rebasePow, Ho-nang, Edmond.; 鮑浩能1995369
Linear geometry of subspaces in a Euclidean spaceYuen, Tai-kwok.; 袁泰國1973242
Linear growth of Hong Kong Chinese childrenHuang Chan, Shuk-tsz, Beatrice.; 黃陳淑慈1969170
Linear maps preserving the spectrum?Chin, Wai-yi.; 錢慧儀.2000227
Linear minimum mean-square-error transceiver design for amplify-and-forward multiple antenna relaying systemsXing, Chengwen.; 邢成文.2010277
Linear operators preserving generalized numerical ranges and radii on certain triangular matricesSze, Nung-sing.; 施能聖2002603
Linear preservers of operators with non-negative generalized numericalrangesChan, Kong.; 陳鋼1999316
Linear-scaling time-dependent density functional theoryYam, Chi-yung.; 任志勇.2003209
Linear-size indexes for approximate pattern matching and dictionary matchingTam, Siu-lung; 譚小龍2010252
Linear-time motion planning for two square, movable obstacles in a grid environmentLee, Mi-suen.; 李美璇1992172
Lineup superiority effects in cross-racial eyewitness identificationChung, Cheuk-fai, Bell.; 鍾灼輝.2010259
Ling Mengchu, 1580-1644Lau, Kim-hung.; 劉劍洪1992291
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