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Identification of endophytic fungi in Livistona chinesis (PALMAE)Guo, Liangdong.; 郭良棟.1999363
Identification of fault zones using gravity survey and subsurface exploration: a case studyLeung, Alfreda.; 梁樂怡.2004281
Identification of genetic and epigenetic alterations in gynecologic cancers and their clinical implicationsYang, Huijuan.; 楊慧娟.2004288
Identification of genetic predisposing factors for skeletal class II malocclusionsChen, Kun; 陈坤2011269
Identification of human annexin A6 as a novel cellular interactant of influenza A virus M2 protein and regulator of virus budding andreleaseMa, Huailiang.; 马怀良.2012142
Identification of interacting partners of LFA-1 in the testisLam, Hang-yee, Chloe; 林倖而201327
Identification of intermediate antibodies of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 human monoclonal antibody b12 and characterization of variable loops of HIV-1 envelop glycoproteinYuan, Tingting; 袁婷婷20133
Identification of leukemia-associated genes by MLL-EEN fusion protein through dysregulation of histone modification and DNA methylationLui, Wing-chi; 呂穎芝20129
Identification of liver tumour-initiating cells using a chemoresistantanimal modelCastilho, Antonia Genevieve.2010259
Identification of microRNA in penicillium marneffeiChow, Wang-ngai.; 周弘毅.201350
Identification of microRNA-184 target genes in squamous cell carcinomaof tongueLiu, Wai-man, Raymond.; 廖偉文.2010208
Identification of microRNAs associated with tamoxifen resistance in breast cancerLau, Lai-yee.; 劉麗儀.2011113
Identification of miR-106b over-expression in metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma by using the orthotopic animal modelYau, Wing-lung.; 邱泳龍.2010228
Identification of mutants in genes encoding arabidopsis acyl-coenzyme A binding proteins ACBP3, ACBP4 and ACBP5Chan, Suk-wah; 陳淑華2004219
Identification of novel coronaviruses in dead birds in Hong KongLau, Hok-nang.; 劉學能.2010201
Identification of novel methylated genes in patients with endometrial cancersTse, Ka-yu.; 謝嘉瑜.2007137
Identification of novel parvoviruses in human and animalsFu, Tseung-yan, Clara.; 符祥欣.2009182
Identification of oxygen-rich evolved stars by maser surveys and statistical studies on infrared dataYung, Hong-kiu, Bosco; 容康喬201325
Identification of pathogenic fungal isolates by ITS sequencingLau, Ching-lai; 劉清麗201328
Identification of protein-interacting partners of testis-specific protein y-encoded like 2 (TSPYL2)Chiu, Peng-hang, Raymond.; 趙炳铿.2008253
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