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Biochemical, functional and immunogenic characterisation of the SARS spike glycoprotein: implications for thedevelopment of a subunit vaccineKam, Yiu-wing.; 甘曜榮.2007216
The E envelope protein of the SARS coronavirus interacts with the pals1 tight junction protein through its PDZ domain: consequences for polarity of infected epithelial cellsTeoh, Kim Tat.; 張錦達.2010316
Host cell susceptibility to human coronavirus infectionsMillet, Jean Kaoru Guillaume.2010392
The SARS coronavirus envelope protein E targets the PALS1 tight junction factor and alters formation of tight junctions of epithelialcellsChan, Wing-lim.; 陳穎廉.2011120
Identification of a novel interaction between the M2 protein of influenza A virus and cyclin D3: consequencesfor cell cycle progressionZhang, Yang; 张阳2011204
Identification of human annexin A6 as a novel cellular interactant of influenza A virus M2 protein and regulator of virus budding andreleaseMa, Huailiang.; 马怀良.2012142
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