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The expression of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase during the early stages of bone graft healingTwitty, Anne.2000141
Active mandibular forward positioning: a molecular and biochemical studyShen, Gang.; 沈剛.2000242
Biochemical modulation of mandibular distraction osteogenesisZheng, Liwu.; 鄭立武.2004242
Condylar adaptation to active mandibular forward positioning in non-growing ratsXiong, Hui; 熊暉2004265
Recombinant adeno-associated virus mediated vascular endothelial growth factor gene therapy induces mandibular condylar growthDai, Juan.; 戴娟.2007207
Vastatin, a novel angiogenesis inhibitor, retards condylar bone growthin vivoLi, Qianfeng.; 李乾凤.2009369
Identification of the novel genes during endochondral ossification in the mandibular condylar cartilageSong, Yang; 宋揚2009249
Identification of SNP markers on 1p36 and analysis of the association of EPB41 with mandibular prognathismXue, Fan; 薛凡2011204
Developing a protocol for the use of a bone-borne Herbst appliance: tissue response and clinicalapplicationsAlkalaly, Abdullah Aly Abdullah.2011206
Identification of genetic predisposing factors for skeletal class II malocclusionsChen, Kun; 陈坤2011269
Analysis of genetic polymorphisms in skeletal class I crowdingTing, Tung-yuen.; 丁東源.2011189
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