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Secondhand smoke exposure predicted chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other tobacco related mortality in a 17-years cohort study in ChinaHe, Y; Jiang, B; Li, LS; Li, LS; Ko, SF; Wu, L; Sun, DL; He, SF; Liang, BQ; Hu, FB; Lam, TH201266
A Share Care Program to empower the patients and carers in Geriatric Unit: a pilot studyChan, MMK; Chu, LW; Chiu, KC; Cheung, MY; Hung, W201055
Smoking cessation programme for womenChan, SSC201063
Solidarity, ambivalence and multigenerational co-residence in Hong KongKo, SF201270
Spirituality in Chinese context: a perspective from elders and their relatives in Hong KongChan, CLW; Lou, VW; Fok, SSY; Tsui, AKM2010110
Spirituality: conceptualization and its implication in social work practice in the Chinese contextChan, LY; Fok, SY; Lou, VW; Tsui, KM201092
Spouse caregiving for frail elders in Shanghai China: A selection, optimization and compensation analysisLou, VW; Gui, SX; Ting, KF; Kwan, CW201095
Task-induced brain deactivation alters the functional connectivity of neural network in agingGao, J; Cheung, RTF; Lee, TMC; Chu, LW; Chan, YS201092
Three-year outcome of phase-specific early intervention for first-episode psychosis: a cohort study in Hong Kong.Chen, EY; Tang, JY; Hui, CL; Chan, SK; Chang, WC; Lee, EH; Chiu, CP; Lam, MM; Law, CW; Yew, CW; Wong, GH; Chung, DW; Tso, S; Chan, KP; Yip, KC; Fung, SF; Honer, WG201223
Trajectories of social engagement and depressive symptoms among long-term care facility residents in Hong KongLou, VWQ; Chi, I; Kwan, CW; Leung, AYM201397
Use of restraints on older patients with dementia: reports from nurses and nursing assistants in Hong KongYan, E; Kwok, T2009184
Using the Arts to Increase understanding and support for People Living with Mental Illness.Ho, RTH; Potash, JS; Ho, AHY; Chen, EYH; Ho, FLV201311
Validation of the concise Chinese level of expressed emotion scaleNg, SM; Sun, YS2010197
Validity of a questionnaire on the health benefits of dog ownership (Chinese version)Chow, LY; Macfarlane, DJ; Cerin, E201078
Walkability at government-subsidized housing in North America and East AsiaHwang, EJ; Guttman, G; Sixsmith, A; Cress, E; Chui, EWT; Ziebarth, A200998
We cannot love to live if we cannot bear to die: a pilot medical humanities programme for medical students to understand death, dying and bereavementTsang, JWH; Kwong, DLW; Beh, SL; Fielding, R; Chow, AYM; Ho, AHY; Chan, LC201171
Willingness to provide care of family caregivers for community-dwelling older adults: trends in Hong Kong 2004, 2006, 2008Lou, VW; Kwan, CW; Chi, I; Leung, AYM2010153
比較Wolfensberger「正常化」和Schalock「生活質量」原則於華人社區精神康復服務的應用Ng, SM200992
社会工作服务Lou, VW200963
老年社会工作者培养: 一个能力为本的模Lou, VW2010194
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