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Wahrnehmung von expertinnen und experten im sport: Einige kernfragen und -probleme [Expert perception in sport: Some key questions and issues].Farrow, D; Abernethy, AB2007132
Waist circumference and body mass index in Chinese children: Cutoff values for predicting cardiovascular risk factorsSung, RYT; Yu, CCW; Choi, KC; McManus, A; Li, AMC; Xu, SLY; Chan, D; Lo, AFC; Chan, JCN; Fok, TF2007160
Walkable area within which destinations matter: Differences between Australian and Japanese cities.Sugiyama, T; Inoue, S; Cerin, E; Shimomitsu, T; Owen, N201325
Walking for Recreation and Perceptions of the Neighborhood Environment in Older Chinese Urban DwellersCerin, E; Sit, CHP; Barnett, A; Cheung, Mc; Chan, Wm2013100
Walking for recreation and perceptions of the neighbourhood environment in older Chinese urban dwellersCerin, E; Sit, C; Barnett, A; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201230
Was early man caught knapping during the cognitive (r)evolution?Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP2002395
Ways of unraveling how and why physical activity influences mental health through statistical mediation analysesCerin, E201072
What Hispanic parents do to encourage or discourage 3-5 year old children to be active: a qualitative studyO'Connor, T; Cerin, E; Robles, J; Hughes, S; Baranowski, T; Qu, H; He, MY; Shewchuk, R201179
What is the ‘significance’ of choking in sport? A commentary on Mesagno and HillBuszard, T; Farrow, D; Masters, RSW201317
When "where" is more important than "when": Birthplace and birthdate effects on the achievement of sporting expertiseCôté, J; Macdonald, DJ; Baker, J; Abernethy, B2006139
Work-family enrichment, conflict and work engagementTimms, C; Brough, P; O’Driscoll, M; Kalliath, T; Siu, OL; Sit, HP; Lo, D2011116
Work-life balance: a model and new measure validated in Australia, New Zealand and China/Hong KongO’Driscoll, M; Brough, P; Kalliath, T; Siu, OL; Riley, D; Sit, HP; Timms, C; Lo, D2011363
You can't beat experience, but you can cheat itVine, S; Masters, RSW; McGrath, J; Bright, E; Wilson, RM201319
一日行路多幾步, 控制糖尿會更好 (運動自學圖冊)Leung, AYM; Chu, D; Leung, E; Liang, KTK201138
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