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Obesity related eating behaviour patterns in Swedish preschool children and association with age, gender, relative weight and parental weight - factorial validation of the Children's Eating Behaviour QuestionnaireSvensson, V; Lundborg, L; Cao, Y; Nowicka, P; Marcus, C; Sobko, T201128
Objective assessment of walking environments in ultra-dense cities: Development and reliability of the Environment in Asia Scan Tool-Hong Kong version (EAST-HK)Cerin, E; Chan, KW; Macfarlane, DJ; Lee, KY; Lai, PC2011171
Objective versus perceived walking distances to destinations: Correspondence and predictive validityMcCormack, GR; Cerin, E; Leslie, E; du Toit, L; Owen, N2008124
Objective visual thresholds in action and perceptionDe Wit, MM; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ200993
Objectively measured light-intensity physical activity is independently associated with 2-h plasma glucoseHealy, GN; Dunstan, DW; Salmon, J; Cerin, E; Shaw, JE; Zimmet, PZ; Owen, N200761
Objectively-measured neighborhood environments and leisure-time physical activity in Chinese urban eldersCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, HP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201334
On penalty taking: reasons why the penalty taker should ignore the goalkeeper.van der Kamp, GJ; Masters, RSW2008108
On the relation between action selection and movement control in 5- to 9-month-old infantsvan Wermeskerken, M; van der Kamp, J; Savelsbergh, GJP2011135
Optimization of performance in top-level athletes: An Action-focused coping approachPoolton, JM; Masters, RSW200992
Overweight in children is associated with arterial endothelial dysfunction and intima-media thickeningWoo, KS; Chook, P; Yu, CW; Sung, RYT; Qiao, M; Leung, SSF; Lam, CWK; Metreweli, C; Celermajer, DS2004105
The paradoxical role of cognitive effort in contextual interference and Implicit Motor LearningRendell, MA; Masters, RSW; Farrow, D2009114
Parallels between expert movement production and expert movement prediction.Abernethy, AB; Jackson, RC; Zawi, K2009120
Parental influence on physical activity in children: an expectancy-value approachNg, Lai-wa, Janet; 吳麗華2005252
Parents’ engagement in an Australian school- and home-based group RCT to reduce children’s sitting time and promote physical activity: Transform-Us!Salmon, J; Arundell, L; Brown, H; Cerin, E; Hesketh, K; Crawford, D; Chin A Paw, M; Ball, K201325
Partitioning of oral and nasal breathing during treadmill running in Chinese malesMacfarlane, DJ; Liu, WY200467
Passing thoughts on the evolutionary stability of implicit motor behaviour: Performance retention under physiological fatiguePoolton, JM; Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP2007125
Passive smoking and respiratory symptoms in primary school children in Hong KongLam, TH; Hedley, AJ; Chung, SF; Macfarlane, DJ1999102
Patterns of musculoskeletal injuries in collegiate dancersLam, Yuk-ling.; 林玊玲2001161
Patterns of physical exercise and contributing factors among Hong Kong older adultsCheng, YH; Chou, KL; Macfarlane, DJ; Chi, I2007159
Peak oxygen uptake in pre-pubescent childrenArmstrong, N; McManus, AM; Welsman, J; Kirby, B1996116
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