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The National Curriculum may damage girls' healthArmstrong, N; McManus, AM199575
Neighborhood and individual socio-economic variations in the contribution of work to total physical activityProper, K; Cerin, E; Owen, N200629
Neighborhood environment walkability scale: Validity and development of a short formCerin, E; Saelens, BE; Sallis, JF; Frank, LD2006157
Neighborhood Environments and Physical Activity Among Adults in 11 CountriesSallis, JF; Bowles, HR; Bauman, A; Ainsworth, BE; Bull, FC; Craig, CL; Sjöström, M; De Bourdeaudhuij, I; Lefevre, J; Matsudo, V; Matsudo, S; Macfarlane, DJ; Gomez, LF; Inoue, S; Murase, N; Volbekiene, V; Mclean, G; Carr, H; Heggebo, LK; Tomten, H; Bergman, P2009102
Neighborhood Walkability and the Walking Behavior of Australian AdultsOwen, N; Cerin, E; Leslie, E; Dutoit, L; Coffee, N; Frank, LD; Bauman, AE; Hugo, G; Saelens, BE; Sallis, JF2007113
Neighborhood walkability is not associated with self-reported physical activity in Hong Kong residentsMacfarlane, DJ; Chan, KCA; Cerin, E201198
Neighbourhood walkability and patterns of objectively measured physical activity in a high-density Asian cityMacfarlane, DJ; Lee, J; Cerin, E201273
Neonatal sepsis, antibiotic therapy and later risk of asthma and allergySobko, T; Schiött, J; Ehlin, A; Lundberg, J; Montgomery, S; Norman, M201022
Neural co-activation as a yardstick of implicit motor learning and the propensity for conscious control of movementZhu, FF; Poolton, JM; Wilson, MR; Maxwell, JP; Masters, RSW2011175
Neuroscientific aspects of implicit motor learning in sportZhu, F; Poolton, JM; Masters, RSW2012148
A new visual illusion in rugby?Gao, N; Poolton, JM; Masters, RSW201164
Nitric oxide (NO) gas present in the swim bladder of cod (Gadus morhua)Midtvedt, D; Sobko, T; Midtvedt, T200722
No age difference in skill acquisition when implicit processes are predominantChauvel, G; Maquestiaux, F; Joubert, S; Didierjean, A; Masters, RSW2009110
No transfer of calibration between action and perception in learning a golf putting taskVan Lier, W; Van der Kamp, J; van der Zanden, A; Savelsbergh, GJ2011125
A novel training tool for batters to watch the ballMann, D; Abernethy, B; Farrow, D201091
Nurturing the development of a comprehensive model of expertise: A brief commentary on Ericsson (2006) and Klissouras, Gelados & Koskolou (2006).Abernethy, AB; Cote, J2007109
Obesity related eating behaviour patterns in Swedish preschool children and association with age, gender, relative weight and parental weight - factorial validation of the Children's Eating Behaviour QuestionnaireSvensson, V; Lundborg, L; Cao, Y; Nowicka, P; Marcus, C; Sobko, T201128
Objective assessment of walking environments in ultra-dense cities: Development and reliability of the Environment in Asia Scan Tool-Hong Kong version (EAST-HK)Cerin, E; Chan, KW; Macfarlane, DJ; Lee, KY; Lai, PC2011171
Objective versus perceived walking distances to destinations: Correspondence and predictive validityMcCormack, GR; Cerin, E; Leslie, E; du Toit, L; Owen, N2008124
Objective visual thresholds in action and perceptionDe Wit, MM; Masters, RSW; van der Kamp, GJ200993
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