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Marginally perceptible outcome feedback, motor learning and implicit processesMasters, RSW; Maxwell, JP; Eves, FF2009173
Matching research methods to questions: examples from the skill learning domain.Abernethy, AB; Weissensteiner, J; Farrow, D2009114
Maximising the clinical use of exercise gaseous exchange testing in children with repaired cyanotic congenital heart defects: The development of an appropriate test strategyMcManus, A; Leung, M2000120
Measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure in ChildrenMellecker, RR; McManus, AM200869
Measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure in Children.Mellecker, RR; McManus, AM2008108
Measurement of resting energy expenditure in healthy childrenMellecker, RR; Mcmanus, AM200964
Measurement of resting energy expenditure in healthy childrenMellecker, RR; McManus, AM; Bogucki, EL2009112
Measuring perceived neighbourhood walkability in Hong KongCerin, E; Macfarlane, DJ; Ko, HH; Chan, KCA2007134
Measuring reinvestment in patients after stroke using the Movement Specific Reinvestment ScaleKleynen, M; Braun, SM; Beuskens, AJ; Verbunt, JA; de Bie, RA; Masters, RSW201195
Measuring verbal‐analytical processes in surgical skill acquisitionZhu, F; Poolton, JM; Masters, RSW201160
Measuring walking within and outside the neighborhood in Chinese elders: Reliability and validityCerin, E; Barnett, A; Sit, CH; Cheung, MC; Lee, LC; Ho, SY; Chan, WM2011199
Mechanisms linking affective reactions to competition-related and competition-extraneous concerns in male martial artistsCerin, E; Barnett, A2011100
Medicine and Sport Science: PrefaceArmstrong, N; Mcmanus, AM201045
Metamotivational characteristics of middle-aged women: motives for and barriers to physical activityparticipationWong, Tsui-fung.; 黃翠鳳.2005170
Methods and technologies for leisure, recreation and an accessible sportCapio, CM; Mascolo, G; Sit, CHP201227
Microbiota in the oral subgingival biofilm is associated with obesity in adolescenceZeigler, CC; Persson, GR; Wondimu, B; Marcus, C; Sobko, T; Modéer, T201214
Mobile technologies and physical activity behaviour: an example of what you can do with your accelerometry and GPS dataCerin, E201320
Motivational orientations and sport participation in youth: a comparison of achievement goal theory and reversal theorySit, Hui-ping, Cindy.; 薛慧萍2002305
Motivational orientations in youth sport participation: Using Achievement Goal Theory and Reversal TheorySit, CHP; Lindner, KJ2005434
Motivational readiness for active commuting by university students: Incentives and barriersCole, R; Leslie, E; Donald, M; Cerin, E; Neller, A; Owen, N200846
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