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Early participation patterns and expert performance in Australian football.Berry, J.; Abernethy, AB200569
Eating behaviour patterns in Chinese children aged 12-18 months and association with relative weight - factorial validation of the Children's Eating Behaviour QuestionnaireCao, Y-T; Svensson, V; Marcus, C; Zhang, J; Zhang, J-D; Sobko, T201230
Editorial Board MemberAbernethy, AB200567
EEG coherence between the verbal-analytical region (T3) and the motor-planning region (Fz) increases under stress in explicit motor learners but not implicit motor learnersZhu, F; Poolton, JM; Masters, RSW2010177
The effect of diet and strength training on obese children's physical self-conceptYu, CCW; Sung, RYT; Hau, KT; Lam, PKW; Nelson, EAS; So, RCH2008165
The effect of goalkeepers adopting Muller-Lyer posturesShim, J; Masters, RSW; Poolton, JM; van der Kamp, GJ201082
The effect of Muller-Lyer illusions on far aiming tasksvan der Kamp, GJ; Masters, RSW200766
Effect Of Strength Training On Body Composition, Resting Blood Pressure, And Vascular Endothelial Function In AdolescenceYu, CW; Chook, P; McManus, AM; Li, AM; Sung, RYT2007113
Effect of strength training on body composition, resting blood pressure, and vascular endothelial function in adolescence.Yu, CW; Chook, P; Li, AM; Sung, RYT200788
Effect of Tai Chi on depressive symptoms amongst Chinese older patients with depressive disorders: A randomized clinical trialChou, KL; Lee, PWH; Yu, ECS; Macfarlane, D; Cheng, YH; Chan, SSC; Chi, I200457
Effect of training on the aerobic power and anaerobic performance of prepubertal girlsMcmanus, AM; Armstrong, N; Williams, CA199764
The effect of two different training programmes on the peak VO2 of pre-pubescent girlsMcManus, AM; Williams, C; Armstrong, N1994124
Effect of unilateral and bilateral knee immobilisation on the energy cost of walkingNg, GYP; Fong, SSM; Yip, EW200135
The effectiveness of a short-term low-intensity walking intervention on lipid profile in obese adolescentsMcManus, AM; Mellecker, RR; Yu, C; Cheung, PT201187
Effects of a school-based intervention program on motivational patterns of childrenSit, HP; McManus, AM; Masters, RSW; Yu, CW; Ling, FCM; Chu, YW200586
The effects of ageing and cognitive impairment on on-line and off-line motor learningYan, JH; Abernethy, B; Li, L2010125
The effects of aging and cognitive impairment on on- and off-line motor learning.Yan, JH; Abernethy, AB; Li, H2009208
Effects of an external nasal dilator on athletic performance of male adolescentsMacfarlane, DJ; Fong, SKK200496
Effects of artificially-induced anaemia on sudomotor and cutaneous blood flow responses to heat stressTaylor, NAS; Patterson, MJ; Cotter, JD; Macfarlane, DJ1997110
Effects of built environment on walking among Hong Kong older adultsCerin, E; Macfarlane, DJ; Sit, HP; Ho, DSY; Johnston, JM; Chou, KL; Chan, WM; Cheung, MC; Ho, KS201347
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