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Calibration of the RT3 accelerometer for ambulation and nonambulation in childrenChu, EYW; McManus, AM; Yu, CCW2007143
Can a motivational intervention overcome an unsupportive environment for walking-findings from the step-by-step studyMerom, D; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Cerin, E; Kassis, M; Brown, W; Smith, BJ; Rissel, C200960
Can a motivational walking intervention overcome an unsupportive environment for walking - Findings from the Step-by-Step studyMerom, D; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Cerin, E; Brown, W; Smith, B; Rissel, C201164
Can analogies be used as an attention focusing strategy to prevent skill failure under stress?Li, Sau-sau, Esther.; 李秀秀.2005243
Can bioelectric impedance monitors be used to accurately estimate body fat in Chinese adults?Macfarlane, DJ200789
Can social dancing prevent falls in older adults? A protocol of the Dance, Aging, Cognition, Economics (DAnCE) Fall Prevention Randomised Controlled TrialMerom, D; Cumming, R; Mathieu, E; Anstey, R; Rissel, C; Simpson, JM; Morton, RL; Cerin, E; Sherringhton, C; Lord, SR201328
Can Taekwondo Footwear Affect Postural Stability in Young Adults?Fong, SM; Ng, SSM201325
Capio et al. replyCapio, CM; Sit, CHP; Abernethy, B; Rotor, ER2011133
Cardiac Autonomic Function: Associations With Cardiorespriatory Fitness In Children.McManus, AM; Yu, CW; Masters, RSW; Laukkenen, R200765
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in childrenYu, CCW; McManus, AM; Li, AM; Sung, RYT; Armstrong, N2010148
Cardiorespiratory adjustments to training in 9-11 year old Chinese boysCheng, CH; McManus, AM; Macfarlane, DJ200270
A case study investigating coping styles and individuals zones of optimal functioning in elite rugby.Dent, PJ; Masters, RSW; Ntoumanis, N; Weigand, D200276
Central adiposity and the propensity for rehearsal in childrenLing, FCM; Masters, RSW; Yu, CCW; McManus, AM2011112
CEPA activity highlights: New projects on children and older adultsHinckson, E; Cerin, E20127
Challenges and solutions when applying implicit motor learning theory in a high performance sport environment: Examples from rugby leagueGabbett, T; Masters, R2011188
Changes in limb stiffness under conditions of mental stressVan Loon, EM; Masters, RSW; Ring, C; Mcintyre, DB200174
Cheating experience: Guiding novices to adopt the gaze strategies of experts expedites the learning of technical laparoscopic skillsVine, SJ; Masters, RSW; Mcgrath, JS; Bright, E; Wilson, MR201258
Childhood obesity, gender, actual-ideal body image discrepancies, and physical self-concept in Hong Kong children: Cultural differences in the value of moderation.Marsh, HW; Hau, KT; Sung, RYT; Yu, CW2007259
Children and Exercise I: growth and developmentArmstrong, N; McManus, AM199573
Children and Exercise II: muscular fitnessArmstrong, N; McManus, AM199568
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