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Aerobic fitness of childrenArmstrong, N; McManus, AM; Welsman, J1994129
The aerobic fitness of pre-pubescent British childrenMcManus, AM; Armstrong, N1995151
Aerobic fitness of prepubescent children.Armstrong, N; Kirby, BJ; Mcmanus, AM; Welsman, JR1995107
Aerobic Fitness.Armstrong, N; McManus, AM; Welsman, JR2008151
Aerobic response of 9-10 year old children to rope jumpingHo, Doris.; 何穎莊.2001294
Age and gender differences in associations of perceived environmental attributes with walking for transport in an Asian densely-populated settingCerin, E; Macfarlane, DJ; Sit, HP; Lee, LCJ; Chow, LY; Lee, KY2010203
Age effects shrink when motor learning is predominantly supported by nondeclarative, automatic memory processes: Evidence from golf puttingChauvel, G; Maquestiaux, F; Hartley, AA; Joubert, S; Didierjean, A; Masters, RSW2012120
Ageing in an ultra-dense metropolis: Perceived neighbourhood characteristics and utilitarian walking in Hong Kong eldersCerin, E; Sit, HP; Barnett, A; Johnston, JM; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201237
Agreement Between 5 Measures of Light, Moderate, and Vigorous Levels of Habitual Physical ActivityMacfarlane, DJ; Lee, CYC; Ho, EYK; Chan, KL; Chan, D2005108
Altered postural control strategies and sensory organization in children with developmental coordination disorderFong, SSM; Tsang, WWN; Ng, GYF201247
An adventure-based counseling program on the physical self-efficacy, general self-efficacy, self-esteem, body image and physical activitylevel of adolescentsKam, Keung-kei, Kenneth.; 甘強基.2005290
An investigation into the attitudes toward physical education of Hong Kong primary school students and secondary school students ofdifferent band levelsPoon, Miu-sheung.; 潘妙嫦.2001348
An investigation of physical activity participation pattern and level in relation to metamotivational profiles in Hong Kong children usingreversal theoryChu, Wing-sze; 朱詠詩2005188
An investigation of stair-climbing habits in the Hong Kong populationWalsh, Laura.2003251
Anaerobic recovery - a determinant of physical activity in obese children?McManus, AM; Sung, YT; Chong, YK; Yu, CW2002109
Anaerobic recovery and physical activity in normal and obese childrenChong, Yin-kei, Doris.; 莊硯琦2001223
Analogy instruction and speech motor performance under psychological stressTse, CYA; Masters, RSW; Whitehill, TL201252
Analogy instruction and speech performance under psychological stressTse, CYA; Whitehill, TL; Masters, RSW; Ma, EPM201238
Analogy instruction and speech performance under psychological stressTse, ACY; Wong, WK; Ma, EPM; Whitehill, TL; Masters, RSW201332
Analogy instructions, speech motor performance and psychological stressTse, CYA; Masters, RSW; Whitehill, TL; Ma, EPM201243
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