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Reposting microblogs during public incident in China: a case study on the death of Qian YunhuiFu, KW; Sam, CC; Chau, MCL2011128
Research participation experiences of informants of suicide and control cases: Taken froma case-control psychological autopsy study of peoplewho died by suicideWong, PWC; Chan, WSC; Beh, PSL; Yau, FWS; Yip, PSF; Hawton, K2010141
Resilience, growth, and distress after a traumatic experienceHo, MY2011123
Responses to a self-presented suicide attempt in social media: a social network analysisFu, KW; Cheng, Q; Wong, PWC; Yip, PSF201321
Restricting the means of suicide by charcoal burningYip, PSF; Law, CK; Fu, KW; Law, YW; Wong, PWC; Xu, Y2010322
Rethinking suicide prevention in Asian countriesChen, YY; Yip, PS2008101
A revisit on older adults suicides and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic in Hong KongCheung, YT; Chau, PH; Yip, PSF2008107
The role of Chinese medicine in cancer palliative careNg, SM200586
Say yes to life. Vol. 1 : suicidal myths and facts = 生命在你手 : 自殺與防治的迷思與事實Tong, Natalie; Leung, Kathy20041,243
Seasonal changes in suicide in the United States, 1971 to 2000Bridges, FS; Yip, PSF; Yang, KCT200566
Seasonality in suicide: A study of farming suicides in England and WalesSimkin, S; Hawton, K; Yip, PSF; Yam, CHK2003110
Seasonality of suicide in Eastern Europe: A rejoinder to Lester and MoksonyVoracek, M; Yip, PSF; Fisher, ML; Zonda, T200494
Seasonality of suicides with and without psychiatric illness in DenmarkYip, PSF; Yang, KCT; Qin, P200692
Seminar on understanding depression and suicideHo, Mun-yin, Samuel. Depression and suicide: a psychological perspective; Lee, Tak-shing, Dominic. Celebrity suicide2003575
Sleep and suicide: an analysis of a cohort of 394,000 Taiwanese adultsGunnell, D; Chang, S; Tsai, MK; Tsao, CK; Wen, CP201338
Social and economic burden of suicides in Hong Kong SAR: A year of life lost perspectiveYip, P; Liu, KY; Law, CK; Law, YW2005166
Spatial analysis of suicide mortality in Australia: investigation of metropolitan-rural-remote differentials of suicide risk across states/territoriesCheung, YTD; Spittal, MJ; Pirkis, J; Yip, PSF201280
A study of deliberate self-harm and its repetition among patients presenting to an emergency departmentYip, PSF; Hawton, K; Liu, K; Liu, KS; Ng, PWL; Kam, PM; Law, YW; Wong, TW2011104
A study of sexual satisfaction and frequency of sex among hong kong chinese couplesCheung, MWL; Wong, PWC; Liu, KY; Yip, PSF; Fan, SYS; Lam, TH2008240
The Study of the Demography of the CentenarianCheung, KSL; Yip, PSF; Robine, J-M2009118
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