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Adopting RFID for body parts tagging: A Local Association Network approachLuo, Z; Lai, M; Tse, WP; Cheung, M; Ting, JWM; Wong, PWL; Chan, SKY; So, KF; Tipoe, GL2010175
Agent-Based Workflow Management for RFID-Enabled Real-Time Reconfigurable ManufacturingHuang, GQ; Zhang, Y; Jiang, P; Ho, KW; Xu, J2008172
Agent-based workflow management for RFID-enabled real-time reconfigurable manufacturingHuang, GQ; Zhang, Y; Ho, KW; Dai, QY; Xu, J2008211
Analysis of RFID Middleware Market in Supply Chain and Logistics IndustryFok, WWT; Ng, H; Rong, H2005151
Apply model integration in RFID technology adoption analysisLuo, Z; Wang, EC; Tan, CJ; Chow, KK2007144
Auto-ID enabled tracking and tracing data sharing over dynamic B2B and B2G relationshipsXu, FJ; Tong, FCH; Tan, CJ201197
Beyond e-marketplaceandnext generation e-business : grid, automatic computingandweb servicesChung, Jen-Yao2002357
Deep blue: computer chess and massively parallel systemsTan, CJ199590
Design of VLSI switch for highly parallel multiprocessor systemHsu, Yarsun; Benveniste, C; Ruedinger, J; Tan, CJ199082
Developing local association network based IoT solutions for body parts tagging and trackingLuo, Z; Lai, MCW; Cheung, MYY; Han, S; Zhang, T; Luo, Z; Ting, JWM; Wong, PWL; Chan, SKY; So, KF; Tipoe, GL2010190
Distributed and scalable XML document processing architecture for E-commerce systemsCheung, DWL; Lee, SD; Lee, T; Song, W; Tan, CJ2000349
Evolution of Supply Chain Management process – From a case study on Tesco StoreFok, WWT; Tong, FCH; Wong, T2004211
Experimental analysis of an RFID security protocolLuo, Z; Chan, T; Li, JS; Wong, E; Cheung, W; Ng, V; Fok, W2006144
A Graphical Workflow Modeler For Docking Process In Drug DiscoveryWang, Q; Ye, YM; Yu, KQ; Huang, JZ200914
Impact of RFID on Business Performance- Based on Business Process Reengineering and SCORNg, H; Fok, WWT2006135
Impact of Ruminbi Appreciation on the Global Supply ChainFok, WWT2006123
Intelligent middleware service frameworkLuo, Z; Li, JS; Tan, CJ; Tong, FCH; Kwok, A; Wong, EC; Wang, HB2006165
Message from ICEBE 2007 general chairsMak, SHS; Tan, CJ; Chung, JY; Lau, F; Ni, LM2007109
Message from ICEBE 2009 general chairs: ICEBE 2009Zhao, W; Tan, CJ; Chung, JY; Gong, Z; Lau, F2009119
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