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Viability of the Health Protection Account in Hong Kong: Authors' replyYip, PSF; Law, CK2002200
Voicing from afar: Cantonese Family and Business Networks in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth CenturiesLee, PT200697
Voicing from the Far: The Cantonese Family Networks in the Late Nineteenth CenturyLee, PT200366
Was measles a powerful killer, as widely believed, during the Civil War?Meacham, W201329
Way Back HomeWang, C; Wong, SL2006110
Way Back Home: Reflection on the Relationship between Migrants and Home in Globalization EraWang, C; Wong, SL2006132
Who will be hercules in the 21st century?: economic and social development : a comparative study of Hong Kongand SingaporeLee, Ka-yan, Vivian.; 李家欣.2001206
Who's History: the Auto/Biography and Oral History Accounts Published in Hong Kong in the Last Fifty YearsLee, PT200376
Will the real Asian values please stand up?Wong, Hing-cheung, Jacob.; 王慶鏘.2001222
Women in China and Japan from the late 19th century to the 1930sCheng, Sau-yi, Joan.; 鄭秀儀1999256
Women's Experience in Family Migration.Wong, WL200664
Work and Economic Situation of the Newly-Arrived ImmigrantsZheng, VWT; Hung, E.P.W.2009106
Working women in China and Japan in 20th century history: a comparative analysisChoi, Hoi-sze, Elsie.; 蔡凱詩.2001340
Writing Oral History of Chinese Immigrant Women in Hong Kong.Wong, WL200586
Writing Oral History of Chinese Immigrant Women in Hong Kong: A Reflexive Review of My Exploration of Methodological and Theoretical Strategies.Wong, WL200684
The Yip Sang Family: Overseas Cantonese Networks in the Late 19th and early 20th CenturiesLee, PT2004103
Zheng He's Expeditions and Chinese Muslim Communities in Indonesian Archipelago as Seen from the Malay Annals of Semarang and CerbonChin, JK200579
丑小鴨變成白天鵝?-中國私營企業家階層的形成和面臨的挑戰Wong, SL; Sun, WB1998167
中國家族企業:初步觀察和比較研究Wong, SL; Sun, WB200283
中國私營企業家群體的形成和面臨的挑戰Wong, SL2000179
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