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Maintaining Immigrant Communities: The Organization of Yulan Festivals in Post-war Hong KongSinn, EYY; Wong, WL200480
Making Big or Making Small: The Financial Problems and Their Solutions of the Rong's Group of Enterprises in the 1930sLee, PT2005106
The Making of 'Good Mother' in Post-War Hong Kong's Newspapers and MagazinesChan, K.W; Wong, WL200692
The making of modern Chinese financial entrepreneurship: the case of Chen GuangfuLee, PT199678
Making Productive Home And Doing Good Immigrant WomenWong, WL200874
Male Authority in Cross-Border FamiliesWong, WL200487
Maritime security after 9/11: the shipping industry's response to the terrorist threatMetaparti, Satya Prakash.2004982
Market, Network and Dialect Group: Observation and Analysis on Current Illegal Emigration Waves from ChinaChin, JK200564
Market, Networks and Dialect Group Operating Principle: Observations and Studies on Illegal Migration Waves from ChinaChin, JK2007131
Merchants and networks of chamber of commerce in modern ChinaLee, PT200993
Merchants, Smugglers, and Pirates: Multinational Clandestine Trade on the South China Coast, c. 1520-1550'Chin, JK200888
'Migrant Entrepreneurs and Local Networks: Gangshang in Cambodia'Chin, JK2009105
Migration, Trading and Revolutionary: Cantonese Networks in Hong Kong and British MalayaLee, PT200277
The Ming shi-lu as a Source for Thai History-Fourteenth to Seventeenth CenturiesWade, GP2000303
Moving from the periphery to the legitimacy: the Hong Kong historical studies in the context of Chinese HistoryLee, PT200269
Multilingualism under globalization: a focus on the education language politics in Malaysia since 2002Ong, Kok-chung.; 王國璋.2009516
Multiple Identities among the Returned Overseas Chinese in Hongn KongChin, JK2003100
Negotiating and Bartering on the Frontier: Horse Trade in Song ChinaChin, JK200893
Negotiation and Bartering on the Frontier: Horse Trade in Song ChinaChin, JK200678
Network capital: Emigration from Hong KongWong, SL; Salaff, JW1998331
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