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Gendering Hong KongChan, AKW; Wong, WL2004154
General EditorLee, PT2006118
Generational change in Sino-Japanese relations : the role of the internet and the StateFahey, Stephanie2005326
The genius of Li Po, A. D. 701-762Wong, SK1974135
German Sinologist roderich Ptak and Hist Studies on the Chinese Maritime HistoryChin, JK1999104
Globalization of Hong Kong's people: international migration and the familyWong, SL; Salaff, JW1997123
Going between the left and right camp: the Hong Kong film people during the Cold War periodLee, PT200680
Going Beyond Shanghai: Evolution of the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank's Branches NetworkLee, PT199861
Gold from the Lands Afar: New Fujianese Emigration RevisitedChin, JK200259
Government policy and rural-urban migration: a comparative study of India and ChinaTheberge, Valerie Bennett.1999275
Grand Old Man of Hong Kong: Sir Robert Ho TungZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2007192
Grand Old Man of Hong Kong: Sir Shouson ChowZheng, VWT; Chow, C2006214
The Great Depression and the 1930s Chinese EconomyLee, PT2009191
Great transitional: Chinese merchants at a period of drastic changesLee, PT201336
Haigui: A New Area in China's Policy toward the Chinese Diaspora?Wang, C; Wong, SL; Sun, WB2006162
The Han-yeh-ping Coal and Iron Co. Ltd. under the Anti-Japan Movement in the 1920s.Lee, PT2009157
Healthy life expectancy in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaLaw, CK; Yip, PSF200383
The Historical Memory And Cultural Identity of ShanghaineseLee, PT200582
Historical Voices from Research on Chinese Merchants in Hong KongLee, PT199871
Historical Voices of the Studies of Chinese Merchants in Hong KongLee, PT1999110
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