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Undergraduate student experiences in context-aware educational uses of handheld devicesSong, Y2006287
Understanding learning togetherLewis, R2001435
Unexpected effects of new technology adoptionFox, RMK; Herrmann, A200481
Unintended effects of learning technologiesHerrmann, A; Fox, RMK; Boyd, A200079
Unintended effects of using web-based asynchronous discussion groups'Fox, RMK; Herrmann, A; Boyd, A200166
Unintended effects of using web-based asynchronous discussion groups. In the future of learning - Learning for the future: Shaping the transition. 20th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance EducationFox, RMK; Herrmann, A; Boyd, A200269
Use of Role Play Simulation in Crisis Management TrainingLi, A2006609
Using a wiki-based collaborative process writing pedagogy to facilitate collaborative writing among Chinese primary school studentsLi, X; Chu, SKW; Ki, WW; Woo, M2012166
Using E-Portfolios For Evaluating Students' Learning PerformanceChoi, PK2006168
Using the Web to Support a Community of Learners (& Teachers) in a Cooperative T & L EnvironmentFox, B2001400
Using wireless technology in the HKU Library and implications for educationFerguson, Anthony W2003480
Views of physics teachers on how to address the declining enrolment in physics at the university levelOon, PT; Subramaniam, R201060
Visual Literacy: Implications for Library Education in K-12 SettingsFarmer, L2005385
Web 2.0 and Social NetworkingWhite, B2007495
Web 2.0: A Case Study of Using Blogs with a Postgraduate ClassChurchill, D2007519
Web2.0 Paradigm & Possibilities for Educational ApplicationsChurchill, D2006347
Web2.0 Paradigm and Possibilities for Educational ApplicationLu, J2006371
What Happens in Project-based Learning?Law, N; Ma, M; Yuen, HK2000340
A Whole New Generation of LearningHall, D2006191
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