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SARS epidemic: Teachers' experiences using ICTsFox, RMK200477
Scaffolding at the Inter-group Level: An International Collaboration Experience between Hong Kong and Canada StudentsLai, M2006312
Section editor for Section 5 - ICT, Pedagogical Innovations and Teacher LearningLaw, NWY200876
Student, teacher and researcher perspectives on self-Study and knowledge buildingJayasundera, K; van Aalst, J2003207
Students Taking Charge: Creating and Web-casting TV Programs for Language Learning - A Whole School ApproachLung, CW2006212
Study design and methodologyLaw, NWY; Pelgrum, WJ; Monseur, C; Brese, F; Carstens, R; Voogt, J; Plomp, T; Anderson, RE2008107
Studying ICT supported pedagogical practicesLaw, N; Yuen, HK; Ki, WW; Li, SC; Lee, Y; Chow, Y2000329
Summary and ReflectionsLaw, NWY200876
Supporting Pedagogical Practices Through the Interactive Learning Network (ILN)Innovative Pedagogical Practices Online Project Team; Kwan, A; Lee, S; Siu, F; Trinidad, S2003397
Supporting Web-based Learning at the University of Hong KongChau, F; Lou, B2001510
System-Wide Evaluation of ICT in EducationAnderson, RE2002444
Taking care of business - online technologies changing practice at universities?Fox, RMK200086
Teacher Adoption of Web-based Learning in Blended EnvironmentFung, HNH; Yuen, AHK2006525
Teacher Characteristics, Contextual Factors, and How these Affect the Pedagogical Use of ICTLaw, NWY; Chow, Y2008142
Teacher Knowledge and Teacher Learning for Pedagogical Innovation with ICTLaw, NWY200781
Teacher Learning Beyond Knowledge for Pedagogical Innovations with ICTLaw, NWY2008154
Teacher practices, technology and change in Hong KongFox, RMK200466
Teaching & Learning with ICTChieng, A2002638
Teaching online...reluctantlyFox, RMK2002106
Technological cultures – staff beliefs, attitudes and understandings of ICTFox, RMK200257
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