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Rasch modelling of a scale that explores the take-up of Physics among school students from the perspective of teachers
Applications of Rasch measurement in learning environments research
Sense Publishers
Oon, PT; Subramaniam, R2011134
The relationship between Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital in listed companies of mainland China
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning
Academic Publishing Limited.
Chu, SKW; Wu, WWY; Chan, KH; Fu, OH2011208
Researching a Decade of ICT in Post-Secondary EducationFox, R; Pearson, J2007467
Responding to SARS
Education Narratives & Reflections in the Time of SARS
HK Web Symposium.
Fox, RMK200391
Revisiting Affordances for Learning in Mobile Technology Based EnvironmentsSong, Y2006418
The revolution of schooling? Changing patterns of teacher-student interactions in the era of new technologyLindstrom, B2001445
The Role of Information Technology Coordinator in the Implementation of Information and Communication Technology in Schools of Hong KongSo, TKK2002388
SARS epidemic: Teachers' experiences using ICTs
Beyond the comfort zone: Proceedings of the 21st ASCILITE Conference
Fox, RMK2004109
Scaffolding at the Inter-group Level: An International Collaboration Experience between Hong Kong and Canada StudentsLai, M2006369
Section editor for Section 5 - ICT, Pedagogical Innovations and Teacher Learning
Law, NWY2008130
Student, teacher and researcher perspectives on self-Study and knowledge building
American Educational Research Association. The Journal's web site is located at
Jayasundera, K; van Aalst, J2003252
Students Taking Charge: Creating and Web-casting TV Programs for Language Learning - A Whole School ApproachLung, CW2006270
Study design and methodology
Pedagogy and ICT use in schools around the world: Findings from the SITES 2006 Study
CERC, University of Hong Kong and Springer.
Law, NWY; Pelgrum, WJ; Monseur, C; Brese, F; Carstens, R; Voogt, J; Plomp, T; Anderson, RE2008169
Studying ICT supported pedagogical practicesLaw, N; Yuen, HK; Ki, WW; Li, SC; Lee, Y; Chow, Y2000384
Summary and Reflections
Pedagogy and ICT in schools around the world: findings from the SITES 2006 study
CERC and Springer.
Law, NWY2008113
Supporting Pedagogical Practices Through the Interactive Learning Network (ILN)Innovative Pedagogical Practices Online Project Team; Kwan, A; Lee, S; Siu, F; Trinidad, S2003483
Supporting Teacher Learning for Pedagogical Innovation Through Collaborative Design Teams: Issues and Challenges
International Conference of the Learning Sciences
Law, NWY; Yuen, JKL; Lee, Y201421
Supporting Web-based Learning at the University of Hong KongChau, F; Lou, B2001584
System-Wide Evaluation of ICT in EducationAnderson, RE2002508
Taking care of business - online technologies changing practice at universities?
Flexible Futures in Tertiary Teaching. Proceedings of the 9th Annual Teaching Learning Forum
Curtin University.
Fox, RMK2000120
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