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A Network to Support Educational ChangesKi, WW; Lam, HC2000203
On the declining interest in physics among students - from the perspective of teachersOon, PT; Subramaniam, R201165
Online Narrative Inquiry as an Assessment ToolFarmer, L2005238
Partnerships between pedagogy and technology: designing an online course about putting courses onlineFox, RMK200072
PDAs In and Out of the ClassroomVogel, DR2006287
Pedagogical Agent Design for Distributed Collaborative LearningMorch, A2003392
Pedagogical orientations in mathematics and science and the use of ICTLaw, NWY; Chow, Y200881
Pedagogically Sound Learning ObjectsChurchill, D2005275
Pedagogy and ICT in an Information Society: Perspectives from International Comparative StudiesPlomp, T2007460
A Perspective on Managing Educational Technology ChangeHerrmann, A2006669
Policy Impacts on Pedagogical Practice and ICT Use: An Exploration of the Results from SITES 2006Law, NWY; Lee, MW; Chan, KMA200997
Policy impacts on pedagogical practice and ICT use: An exploration of the results from SITES 2006Law, N; Lee, MW; Chan, A2010191
Provision of Consultantation Service: Revamp of the Teachers' IT Training FrameworkPun, SW; Li, SSC; Kong, SC; Yuen, AHK2007351
Psychometric assessment of ICILS test items on Hong Kong and Korean students: a Rasch analysisOon, PT; Law, N; Soojin, K; Kim, S; Tse, SK201331
Qualitative Research and Computer Analysis: New Challenges and OpportunitiesYuen, AHK2000501
Rasch modelling of a scale that explores the take-up of Physics among school students from the perspective of teachersOon, PT; Subramaniam, R201171
The relationship between Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital in listed companies of mainland ChinaChu, SKW; Wu, WWY; Chan, KH; Fu, OH2011102
Researching a Decade of ICT in Post-Secondary EducationFox, R; Pearson, J2007389
Responding to SARSFox, RMK200364
Revisiting Affordances for Learning in Mobile Technology Based EnvironmentsSong, Y2006380
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