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ICT and changes of higher educationLindstrom, B2001644
ICT as a Lever for Student Change and AdvancementYuen, AHK2004494
ICT as a lever for Teacher Change and DevelopmentFox, B2004455
ICT Implementation in Hong Kong Schools: findings from an preliminary review of the HKSAR 5-year IT in Education strategy planYuen, AHK2002472
ICTs and Educational Research in Changing TimesRichards, C2002521
The Impact of Computing on Culture and Education: A Brazilian ViewChaves, EOC2005312
The Impact of Out-of-School IT and Media Use on ICT in EducationLooms, PO2003388
Implementation of Computer Simulation Software in Learning Low-Level Computer Language: A Case StudyChan, JCH2002331
Implementation of web-based collaborative tool for learning computer programming: A case studyKwok, DSY2002327
Implementing an Online Learning Environment at a HK International SchoolKnutzen, KB; Metz, A2006505
Implementing knowledge building: analysis of a face to face discussion by grade four students
University of Toronto Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Van Aalst, J; Cummings, M2006261
In Search of Explanations
Pedagogy and ICT in schools around the world: findings from the SITES 2006 study
CERC and Springer.
Law, NWY2008132
Indicators for advances in knowledge building - Application of content analysis tools to two sets of CSCL discourse data from two comparable classesLaw, N2006322
Information and Communication Technology in Education in China: Policies and PracticesHu, JJ2005668
Information Search ProcessKuhlthau, C20051,958
Initial use of knowledge forum for Chinese students: Productive discourse and knowledge buildingChan, CKK; Chui, HW2000345
Innovations in Teacher Development for the Knowledge AgeLamon, M2005294
Interactive Teachers' Network: Technological Support for Teacher Professional DevelopmentLi, SC; Law, N; Wong, S; Yuen, HK; Ki, WW2000347
Interactivity in Web-based Teaching of Linguistics CoursesBodomo, A2000345
Introducing a Vocational Technical High School in an Urban American K-12 School Systemaradigm Shift Compels Change: Is anyone prepared to make a decision?Chow, A2002708
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