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E-learning: a new wave of innovative practices or just a new distribution system?
CD-ROM], Research in Distance Eduation, RIDE 2004, 9-11 November,
Deakin University.
Fox, RMK2004118
e3Learning Tools: Showcasing and Test DrivingCsete, J; Lam, P2006451
Edited book
CERC, University of Hong Kong and Springer.
Law, NWY; Pelgrum, WJ; Plomp, T2008357
Education Leadership: the post-industrial challengeCheng, KM2006337
Educational Technology in Higher Education at ChinaWang, Q20011,191
Educational uses of handheld devices: undergraduate student experiencesSong, Y2006354
Effective E-Learning: Perspective of Adult Learners in Hong KongLee, PWR; Dooley, LS; Chan, FT2006857
eLeadership Professional Development & Change StrategiesFox, B2002357
Engagement in Supporting New Teachers: A Role for Computer-Mediated Communication in Teacher Learning within Informal Professional CommunitiesHui, D2006424
English Vocabulary: tests and tasksMonica, H2000341
Enhancing Spoken Vocabulary Performance in Children with Autism in a Multimedia-supported ContextLau, FK; Yuen, AHK; Lian, JMG2006438
Entering the mainstream: transforming teaching through technology in universities?
[CD-ROM], International Conference: Transforming Asian Education Through Open and Distance Education
Open University Hong Kong.
Fox, RMK2005107
EssayCritic: A Computer-Supported English Essay Critiquing System using Latent Semantic AnalysisMorch, A2007625
Examining the application of Web 2.0 in medical-related organisations
Health Information and Libraries Journal
Blackwell Publishing Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Chu, SKW; Woo, M; King, RB; Choi, S; Cheng, M; Koo, P2012214
Explorations in promoting conceptual change in electrical concepts via ontological category shift
International Journal of Science Education
Routledge. The Journal's web site is located at
Lee, Y; Law, N2001307
Exploring information literacy in secondary schools in Hong Kong: A case study
Library and Information Science Research
Pergamon. The Journal's web site is located at
van Aalst, J; Hing, FW; May, LS; Yan, WP2007633
Exploring the correlation between knowledge management maturity and intellectual capital efficiency in Mainland Chinese listed companies
Journal of Information & Knowledge Management
Chan, KH; Chu, SKW; Wu, WYW201253
Factors Influencing the Impact of ICT-use on Students' LearningLaw, NWY; Lee, MW; Chan, KMA; Yuen, HK2008149
Factors Predicting Impact of ICT-Use on Students: An Exploration of Teachers’ PerceptionsYuen, HK; Lee, MW; Law, NWY; Chan, KMA2008134
Fostering the culture of reading and enhancing information literacy: exemplars of school libraries
Education Bureau, The government of HKSAR
Chu, SKW; Warning, PB; Wu, WWY2011122
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