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The case study of a simulation training course designed by Hong Kong Police ForceHung, AYK2005501
Changing media, changing times: coping with new technology adoption.Fox, RMK; Herrmann, A2001203
Changing School Culture - Using IT to Cope with Individual Learning Differences in SchoolsLee, KT2003534
Changing schools through exploring innovative pedagogical practices using ICTsFox, RMK; Ip, PS2004163
Changing Teaching, Changing Times: Integrating ICT into Hong Kong SchoolsFox, RMK2002138
Collaborative Academic Writing Online in a Second LanguageFox, RMK2002103
Collaborative knowledge construction and workplace researchFox, RMK2002106
Comparing pedagogical innovationsLaw, NWY2008105
A comparison of a computerized minimal pairs treatment program using drill and practice method versus game format in the remediation of phonological processes in childrenSiu, F2000963
Computer Supported Collaborative Physics Learning: Developing Understanding of Image Formation by LensesTao, PK2000569
Computer Supported Content Analysis: Challenges, research and developmentsHuang, R; Li, Y2006271
Construct Knowledge and Nurture Creativity Education Theory and Case StudiesZhang, E2003493
Consultancy project for Education Bureau, HKSARChu, SKW; Warning, PB; Wu, WWY201157
CoPs-Centered Knowledge ManagementKhosla, R2006415
The Design and Instantiation of an Ontology for TeachingKuk, G2006289
Design, Development and Reuse of Pedagogically Sound Learning ObjectsChurchill, D2005234
Designing for Small Screens: Learning Objects for Educational Applications via Handheld Mobile TechnologiesChurchill, D2006297
Developing a framework for Hong Kong Teachers' IT professional developmemntDavis, N2007300
Developing epistemological pluralism through a web-based post-graduate science and mathematics education courseFox, RMK; Herrmann, A; Taylor, P200082
Developing Frameworks To Encourage Learners In Higher Education To Think More Critically When Using Digital Video ArchivesBurden, K2007454
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