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Computer Supported Content Analysis: Challenges, research and developmentsHuang, R; Li, Y2006330
Construct Knowledge and Nurture Creativity Education Theory and Case StudiesZhang, E2003568
Consultancy project for Education Bureau, HKSARChu, SKW; Warning, PB; Wu, WWY2011100
CoPs-Centered Knowledge ManagementKhosla, R2006489
A decade of published English language research on school libraries in Hong Kong: A content-analytic study
World Chinese School Librarians' Forum
Hong Kong Teacher Librarians' Association.
Warning, PB; Chu, SKW; Wu, WYW201434
The Design and Instantiation of an Ontology for TeachingKuk, G2006366
Design, Development and Reuse of Pedagogically Sound Learning ObjectsChurchill, D2005320
Designing for Small Screens: Learning Objects for Educational Applications via Handheld Mobile TechnologiesChurchill, D2006370
Developing a framework for Hong Kong Teachers' IT professional developmemntDavis, N2007341
Developing epistemological pluralism through a web-based post-graduate science and mathematics education course
Improving Student Learning Symposium - Through the Disciplines.
Oxford Centre for Staff & Learning Development.
Fox, RMK; Herrmann, A; Taylor, P2000120
Developing Frameworks To Encourage Learners In Higher Education To Think More Critically When Using Digital Video ArchivesBurden, K2007524
The Development of An Information Literacy Framework for Hong Kong StudentsHenri, J2005386
Development of automated school timetabling in Hong KongKwan, A2001539
Development Research in/on Educational DevelopmentPlomp, T2000551
Digital Culture and Educational Change
Knowledge and Discourse (KD2)
English Centre, HKU.
Fox, RMK2003110
Digital culture and educational practice
Proceedings of Knowledge and Discourse. Speculating on Disciplinary Futures
University of Hong Kong.
Fox, RMK2002102
Digital epistemologies:stimulus to change our practices?
New Horizons in University Teaching and Learning: Responding to Change
Centre for Educational Advancement.
Fox, RMK2002111
Digital Rhetorics - Technological Change & Practice in Higher EducationFox, R2001407
Digital technology and schools: Hong Kong experiences during the SARS epidemic
[CD-ROM], Digital generations: children, young people and new media.
Language and Communications, Institute of Education, Univers.
Fox, RMK2004127
Distance and Open Learning students' access to the Internet
Flexible Futures in Tertiary Teaching. Proceedings of the 9th Annual Teaching Learning Forum
Curtin University.
Boyd, A; Fox, RMK; Herrmann, A2000169
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