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A YAC-based contig of 1.5 mb spanning the human multidrug resistance gene region and delineating the amplification unit in three human multidrug-resistant cell linesTorigoe, K; Sato, S; Kusaba, H; Kohno, K; Kuwano, M; Okumura, K; Green, ED; Tsui, LC; Scherer, SW; Schlessinger, D; Wada, M1995302
Yan Guang'Qian, G2007107
Yangcheng Evening NewsQian, G201155
Yangtze River Delta: Retaking the Economic Center Stage (in Chinese)Jiang, JY; Lu, XW; Siu, AKF; Sun, YM; Tao, Z; Wong, RYC2007156
Year book / Law AssociationHong Kong University Students' Union. Law Association.1945445
The Yearning for VeniceKnothe, F20117
Years of Life Lost from Suicide in China, 1990-2000Yip, PSF; Liu, KY; Law, CK200893
The Yip Sang Family: Overseas Cantonese Networks in the Late 19th and early 20th CenturiesLee, PT2004103
You can't beat experience, but you can cheat itVine, S; Masters, RSW; McGrath, J; Bright, E; Wilson, RM201318
You sayLam, ASL200363
The Yuan and Ming periodsLeung, KCA201335
Yulanpen Festival and Chinese ancestor worshipGuang, X2011156
ZenEndo, T200971
Zen and the FamilyJing, Y200895
Zhen Dexiu’s thought on “Regulating the family (qijia)” as reflected in The Extended Meaning of the Great Learning (Daxue yanyi)Hui, CH2010145
Zheng He's Expeditions and Chinese Muslim Communities in Indonesian Archipelago as Seen from the Malay Annals of Semarang and CerbonChin, JK200579
Zomgmi’s Concept of Filial PietyGuang, X2007102
γ-Crystallin family of the mouse lens: Structural and evolutionary relationshipsBreitman, ML; Lok, S; Wistow, G1984450
スリランカの仏教と歴史Endo, T2011173
ネットワークと制度の間で:1920年代~1930年代の上海商業儲蓄銀行の支店網拡大Lee, PT; 今井就稔2013104
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