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p21 gene polymorphisms in systemic lupus erythematosusKong, EKP; Chong, WP; Wong, WHS; Lau, CS; Chan, TM; Ng, PKM; Song, YQ; Mak, W; Lau, YL2007161
A P2P collaborative RFID data cleaning modelPeng, X; Ji, Z; Luo, Z; Wong, EC; Tan, CJ2008269
Paintings and writing by Wan Qingli, 4.12.96-9.1.97.Wan, Qingli; University of Hong Kong. University Museum and Art Gallery.1996197
Paintings by Hu Zhenyu: 15.9.2001 - 21.10.2001Hu, Zhenyu; 胡振宇; University of Hong Kong. University Museum and Art Gallery.2001300
Paintings by Jeffrey Lo Wan-shu and Esther Tam Mei-yungWong, AYF2012164
Pali Commentarial Literature: aid for translationEndo, T201244
Pandemic CommunicationsAbraham, T; Pople, D201230
A panel of radiation hybrids defining the 7q31-q32 region of human chromosome 7Nakabayashi, K; Ogata, T; Fujii, M; Takahashi, EI; Ogino, H; Migihshita, E; Scherer, SW; Tsui, LC; Ayusawa, D1996450
Panel on Public Administration Education in East AsiaKIM, PS; Walker, RM; Sun, MTW201174
Pannexins, a family of gap junction proteins expressed in brainBruzzone, R; Hormuzdi, SG; Barbe, MT; Herb, A; Monyer, H2003118
Paparazzi, Privacy And The Big Picture In Hong KongWeisenhaus, D2007129
Paper box collectorLam, ASL200568
Paper box collectorLam, ASL200668
Paper box collectorLam, ASL200179
'Paper box collector', 'Taxi drivers talking to me', 'To Sonia', 'Water wood pure splendour', 'To our friend, Cheng Erjin' and 'A song from the moon'Lam, ASL200181
Paradigms and problems in psychophysiologySpinks, JA198734
The paradoxical role of cognitive effort in contextual interference and Implicit Motor LearningRendell, MA; Masters, RSW; Farrow, D2009114
Parallels between expert movement production and expert movement prediction.Abernethy, AB; Jackson, RC; Zawi, K2009120
Paramagnetic Complexes with Pendant Crown Compounds Showing Improved Targeting- Specificity as MRI Contrast AgentsWong, WT; Li Cong200996
Paraoxonase-2 G148 variant in an aboriginal Canadian girl with non-insulin-dependent diabetes [7]Hegele, RA; Connelly, PW; Scherer, SW; Hanley, AJG; Harris, SB; Tsui, LC; Zinman, B1997224
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