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Jade or JADE? Debating international sanctions on Burma’s gem industryEgreteau, R201181
Jade, migration, and conflict across the Yunnan-Burma bordersEgreteau, R2012134
Jamieson, Arthur BRoberts, PM201031
Japanese Culture in Hong KongLee, PT2006276
Japanese Discovery of Hong Kong PlagueLee, PT1997105
Japanese Kanpo texts on kakké in the late Tokugawa and early Meiji periodLeung, AKC201258
Japanese Studies in Hong Kong: Asian Context and Shift of Paradigm.Lee, PT201239
Jebb, Sir GladwynRoberts, PM201037
JenniferLam, ASL200665
Jessup, Philip CarylRoberts, PM201036
Jian Zheng's Travel to the East and Healthy Development to the SanghaJing, Y200499
Jiu Wen Ji Zhe (a collection of columns in which Qian Gang looks at news coverage in pre-Communist China)Qian, G2006126
Johnson, Ural AlexisRoberts, PM201037
A joint-probability model for crash occurrence and crash severity at signalized intersectionPei, X; Wong, SC; Sze, NN2011121
Jooste, Gerhardus PetrusRoberts, PM201037
Josephson junctions with a continually graded barrierGao, J; Sun Jinglan2002104
Josephson Junctions With A Continually Graded BarrierGao, Ju; Sun, Jinglan2004170
Journalism and Mass Communication and Law in Asia and the PacificWeisenhaus, D2010109
The Journalism traditionChan, YY2010155
Journalists And Media Law Education: An Examination Of An Evolving Process In Asia.Weisenhaus, D200598
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