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E-Learning in Clinical Education in McKimm, J; Swanwick, T. Clinical Teaching Made EasyDoherty, I; McKimm, J201044
e-learning in clinical teachingDoherty, I; Mckimm, J201096
E-Places: Creating a Space for Exemplarary Teaching and LearningDoherty, I200643
E-portfolio Use in an Undergraduate Nursing Course: Descending into the Trough of DisillusionmentHoney, MLL; Doherty, I; Marshall, DC; McIlwain, FK201050
E-Scholars: Case Examples for Designing for LearningSalter Menzo, DJ; Pang, M; Sharma, P2009131
E-Teaching professional development: The development of a sustainable program for multi-location teachersMyers, W; Salter Menzo, DJ2007104
Early Buddhist and Confucian Concept of Filial Piety: A Comparative StudyGuang, X201320
Early Buddhist and Confucian Concepts of Filial Piety: A Comparative StudyGuang, X201365
Early Buddhist and Confucian Concepts of Filial Piety: A Comparative StudyGuang, X2008161
Early Cretaceous volcanism of the Coastal Ranges, NW Syria: Magma genesis and regional dynamicsMa, GSK; Malpas, J; Xenophontos, C; Suzuki, K; Lo, CH201157
The Early Development of Modern Chinese Insurance Business: The Case of the China United Assurance Society Ltd.Lee, PT199873
Early experience with the porous coated anatomic total knee prosthesisCheng, CL; Fang, D; Chow, SP; Leong, JCY199048
Early intervention and evaluation for adult-onset psychosis: The JCEP study rationale and designHui, CL; Chang, WC; Chan, SK; Lee, EH; Tam, WW; Lai, DC; Wong, GH; Tang, JY; Li, FW; Leung, KF; Mcghee, SM; Sham, PC; Chen, EY201363
Early participation patterns and expert performance in Australian football.Berry, J.; Abernethy, AB200569
Early Persian and Arabic Merchants in the South China Sea and Their Business NetworkChin, JK2008110
East Asia's new democracies: deepening, reversal, non-liberal alternativesChu, YW; Wong, SL201086
East Meets WestKnothe, F20116
East meets west: Cross-cultural influences in glassmaking in the 18th and 19th centuriesKnothe, F201029
East Meets West—Banking, Commerce and Investment in the Ottoman Empire. Edited by Philip L. Cottrell, Ian L. Fraser, and Monika Pohle Fraser. (Book review)Roberts, PM200921
East meets west—Europa und Asien im WettbewerbKnothe, F201017
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