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Zebrafish telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT): molecularcloning, characterization and retinal expressionLau, Wui-man.; 劉匯文.2005546
Zedong Terrane, South TibetMcDermid, Isabella Rose Cross.2002950
Zen Buddhism in selected works of J.D. SalingerChung, Kwok-wai, Michael.; 鍾國偉.20051,141
Zeng Gong (1019-1083)Chau Chan, Wai-yi.; 鄒陳惠儀2002441
Zeng Guofan's (1811-1872) views on family educationHo, Hon-kuen.; 何漢權.2007520
Zha, Changguo 查昌國, A Study of the Pre-Qin Concepts of “Piety” and “Brotherhood”— And Enquiry of Han and Song Confucianism 先秦「孝」、「友」觀念研究─兼漢宋儒學探索 (Book Review)Tang, SF201242
Zhang Daqian's (1899-1983) place in the history of Chinese paintingLaw, Suk-mun, Sophia.; 羅淑敏.2004371
Zhang Taiyan's (1869-1936) conception of historyLi, Chi-ming.; 李志明.1989311
Zheng Guanying's (1841-1923) ideas of parliamentary reform as expounded in his Shengshi WeiyanFung, Yiu-shing.; 馮耀成.1998614
Zheng Guanying's (1842-1922) ideas of political reformHa, Chi-kwan.; 夏志焜.1999557
Zheng QiaoYeung, Yuk-fung.; 楊玉峰1986350
Zhou Wo: towards a new ruralismXia, Lewei.; 夏乐伟.201371
Zhouyi on Chu Bamboo slipsWong, Chi-keung; 黃志強2007362
Zhu Sheng (1299-1370) and early Ming politics =Mak, Wai-yung.; 麥慧容.2003583
Zhuji wetland city: stormwater recycleChen, Yuxiao.; 陳瑜瀟.2007376
Zinc oxide nanorods and tetrapods: propertiesand applicationsHsu, Yuk-fan.; 許玉芬.2008546
Zinc oxide nanorods: hydrothermal growth, properties and applicationsTam, Kai-hang.; 譚啟鏗.2007714
Zipf's law under migrationMak, Ho-nam.; 麥皓嵐.2007441
Zooplankton studies in Plover CoveChan, Tak-hon, Luke.; 陳德漢.1972315
中國佛敎之神滅神不滅論爭Kong, Lai-fun.; 江麗芬1996685
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