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Yamdrok melange, Gyantze district, Xizang (Tibet), ChinaLiu, Jianbing.; 劉建兵2001524
Yan Fu (1854-1921) and the Peking UniversityChan, Lai-choi.; 陳禮財.1999442
Yang Yongtai (1885-1936) and the establishment of the Hubei provincial administrationKoo, Siu-shin.; 古兆千1991490
Yau Lit and the 1911 RevolutionYau Tsang, Ka-lai, Carrie.; 尤曾家麗.2009633
Yes associated protein (YAP) in hepatocellular carcinoma: oncogenic functions and molecular targetingXu, Zhi; 徐智2009316
Yiddish, quasi-yiddish and ideologies of American EnglishYuen, Hiu-sum.; 袁曉芯.2004602
Yoga and master Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings: the practice of self-reflexive projects among forty individuals inlate modern Hong KongWalcher Davidson, Prisca Rossella Mina.201282
"You play with me, then I friend you.": development of conditional constructions in Chinese-English bilingual preschool children inSingaporeChen, Ee-san; 陳玉珊2002553
Young children's intrinsic motivation for reading: relationships with home literacy and children's earlyreading levelZhou, Hui; 周暉2003504
Young John Allen and the late Qing reform, 1860-1907Koong, Sze-ton, Timothy.; 孔士敦.1991562
Young offenders placed on the community service orders scheme: an exploratory study on their self-imageTam, Lai-yi, Heidy.; 譚麗儀.1988650
Young people in Hong Kong: an exploratory study of the relationship between volunteer service and youthdevelopment.Lee, Kin-ching, James; 李健正1978373
"Young, cute and sexy: constructing images ofJapanese women in Hong Kong print media"Fukue, Natsuko.20081,294
Youth Community in WanchaiChan, Chun-fun, Duncan.; 陳進勳.2000406
Youth complex in HomantinTang, Wing-sum.; 鄧詠森.1998431
Youth crime in Hong Kong: an analysis of policy instrumentsTsang, Ka-kin, Kevin.; 曾家健20021,106
Youth gangs in Hong Kong: the convergence of conventions and deviationsLi, Ngai-ling.; 李藝靈.20051,461
Youth hostel/housing at YaumateiLai, Tung-yiu.; 黎東耀.1998674
Youth subculture in Hong Kong: case studies of young deviantsWong, Ying-ching, Hilda.; 黃映貞.19891,725
Youth triad-related subcultures: some case studiesWong, Shui-wai.; 黃瑞威.1992502
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