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P wave characteristics and QRS duration in patients after Fontan-type proceduresCheng, Pak-ho.; 鄭柏濠.2010222
p15 and p16 genes in head and neck carcinomaMan, Wai-lun, Matthew.; 文偉倫2001366
p21-activated kinases in endometrial carcinomaNgai, Yin-ping.; 魏燕萍2008268
p70 S6 kinase regulation of Mdm2 and p53 in ovarian cancer cells during stress conditionsYam, Hin-cheung, Bill.; 任憲章.2011208
Pacific Rim Library (PRL)Palmer, DT2008132
The Pacific Rim Library: A Surprising PearlPalmer, DT2009853
Packet loss models of the Transmission Control ProtocolZhou, Kaiyu.; 周開宇.2006354
Packet routing on mesh-connected computersCheung, Steven.; 張治昌1992311
Packet scheduling techniques for coordinating colocated Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b in a Linux machineYip, Hoi-kit.; 葉海傑.2004522
Pai-fang: gateways to history and socio-politics of indigenous villages in the New TerritoriesLee, Chi-keung.; 李自強.201351
Painted gods: arts and crafts for the production of ancestral tablets and folk gods plaques in Hong KongWong, Ka-man, Carmen.; 王家敏2007367
Painting in western media in early twentieth century Hong KongLee, Sai-chong, Jack.; 李世莊.1996386
Paired reading: a comparison of the effectiveness of student teachers and peers in the tutoring of poorChinese readers in a primary school in Hong KongChan Kong, Chuk-ling, Stella.; 陳江祝齡.1987333
Pak Sha Wan battery: a case study of a Hong Kong military heritage siteTse, Tak-san.; 謝德燊.201368
PAK1, PAK2 and PAK4 in gestational trophoblastic diseaseYeung, Chun-wing.; 楊雋永2008304
Palace Laments of the Tang Dynasty (618-907)Cheng, Wah-tat.; 鄭華達1996424
Paleocene deep-marine sediments in southern central Tibet: indication of an arc-continent collisionChan, Sik-lap, Jacky.; 陳式立.2006357
Paleomagnetic age-dating of the India Abor Volcanics: significance for Gondwana-related break-up modelsChik, Yu-sum.; 植語心.2010376
Paleomagnetic investigation of the Balangbaru formation, SW Sulawesi, IndonesiaKwong, Hiu-jing.; 鄺曉靖.2011259
Paleomagnetism of late paleozoic to cenozoic rocks in Hong Kong,ChinaLi, Yongxiang.; 李永祥.2000409
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