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OA & IR; The University of Hong Kong & Greater ChinaPalmer, DT201453
OAI Pilot Project: PRDLA Archive, 2007Palmer, DT2007110
Obesity among Hong Kong pre-school Chinese children: prevalence and maternal perceptionLam, Mo-kan, Fherina.; 林慕勤.2007855
Obesity and type 2 diabetes susceptibility genes identified from recent genome-wide association studies: impact on Southern ChineseCheung, Yu-yan, Chloe.; 張語殷.2011183
Obesity as a risk factor for periodontal disease in Chinese adultsLeung, Ming-wai, Victoria.; 梁明慧2008358
Obesity, a risk factor for patients infected with 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1): a systematic reviewLiu, Yuanyuan; 刘媛媛2011184
Object and action word processing in Chinese stroke patients with or without executive dysfunction: aneuropsychological case-control studyYip, Tin-hang, James.; 葉天恒.2010252
Object-based coding and transmission for plenoptic videosWu, Qing; 吳慶20081,299
Object-oriented methods for the design of automated manufacturing systemsWong, Tak-wah.; 王得華1998613
Obligation of filial piety, adult child caregiver burden, received social support, and psychological wellbeing of adult child caregiversfor frail elderly people in Guangzhou, ChinaTang, Yong; 唐咏2006463
Observation of positronium spin rotation in silica aerogelFan, Sewan.; 范詩雲1995400
Observational studies of pedestrian flowsXie, Siqi.; 谢思琪.2012190
Observational studies of supernova 1998SLam, Tsz-yan.; 林梓仁.2004436
Observational studies of the night sky in Hong KongSo, Chu-wing.; 蘇柱榮.2010714
Observations on left ventricular function in uraemic patientsLai, Kar-neng.; 黎嘉能1982315
Obstructive sleep apnea and cardiometabolic complicationsLam, Chung-mei, Jamie.; 林頌眉.2009426
Obstructive sleep apnea in children with Down syndrome: a systematic reviewLam, Yau-min.; 林宥冕.2012198
Occult hepatitis B virus reinfection in liver transplant recipientCheung, Ka-yee, Cindy; 張家怡2008398
Occupational hearing loss in Hong Kong: screening with distortion product otoacoustic emissionChan, Sze-wen, Vanessa.; 陳思韻.2000463
Occupational stress and job satisfaction among Hong Kong secondary school teachers: directions foradministratorsTse, On-na, Anna.; 謝安娜.19821,048
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