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Names and assertions: Soames's millian descriptivismWong, Pak-hang.; 黃柏恒.2005716
Naming impairment in dementiaNg, Nai-kong, Richard1985380
Nano-mechanical characterization of dental tissuesChan, Yee-loi.; 陳以來.2010387
Nanochemistry, synthesis, characterization and application studies of metal nanoparticles and metalloporphyrin nanowiresSo, Man-ho.; 蘇文浩.2010723
Nanofluids research: Key issuesWang, L; Fan, J2010245
Nanofluids: synthesis, characterization and thermal conductivityWei, Xiaohao; 魏晓浩2010624
NANOG in ovarian cancerWong, Shuk-ying, Esther.; 黃淑瀛.2009270
Nanoindentation of viscoelastic materialsTang, Bin; 唐斌2005627
Nanomechanical studies of vimentin intermediate filamentsWong, Kai-lun.; 黃棨麟.201291
Nanoparticle transport in porous medium and nanosized zero-valent iron(nZVI) for environmental remediationZhai, Guiming.; 翟桂明.2010335
Nanoscale structure-property and macroscale biomechanical function of nucleus pulposus in health, disease and regenerationAladin Kaderbatcha, Darwesh Mohideen.2010220
Nanoscience and the pathway towards nanocomputingLieber, Charles M2003968
Nanosecond time-resolved resonance Raman and ab initio studies of triplet states and radical cations of halobiphenyls and the radicalcations of phenothiazine, promazine, and chloropromazinePan, Duohai.; 潘多海2000629
Nanostructure of transition metal and metal oxide forelectrocatalysisGu, Yanjuan.; 谷艳娟.2006629
Nanostructuring for nitride light-emitting diodes and opticalcavitiesLi, Kwai-hei.; 李攜曦.2013132
Narcissism in male sexuality: Lan Yu, CrystalBoys and Brokeback MountainTse, Ho-lun, Tommy.; 謝浩麟.2006944
Narcotic culture : a history of drugs in ChinaDikötter, Frank; Cunich, Peter2005432
Narcotic dependence and its treatment: towards a social phenomeno-logical model.Cheang, Ming-dak, Joseph; 張明德1978389
Narrating singularity and regionalism: the representation of identity and resistance in Gima Hiroshi's woodblockprintsLam, Ka-yan; 林家欣2012216
Narration in Heart of Darkness, The Waste Land and LolitaLi, Mun-wai, Julie.; 李敏慧.1999543
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