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I am an inculte!Ferguson, AW200983
"I believe that" or "It is suggested that"?: authorial presence in the use of reporting verbs in 'soft'discipline academic writing by community college students in Hong KongHo, Kin-loong.; 何鍵龍.2012393
I. Enantioselective total synthesis of (-)-triptolide: II. synthesis of triptolide analogsYe, Xiangyang.; 葉向華1999423
I. Significant electronic effects in catalytic asymmetricepoxidation ; II. Peroxynitrite decomposition mediated by ketones andaldehydesChen, Jian; 陳健2000502
I.T. museum & E-learning CentreFu, Shun, Tom.; 符迅.2002388
iang-nan under Chang Shih-ch'eng's roleTsang, Fan-sheung.; 曾繁湘1981452
IBDV-mediated antiviral responses by TLR3 signaling pathwaysWong, Tsz-yeung.; 王子揚.2009336
IBMYP Chinese language A literature teaching processXu, Li; 徐莉2011154
Ichthyoplankton assemblage at Cape d'Aguilar: seasonal variability and family compositionSitu, Yingyi; 司徒穎宜2007443
Ichthyosarcotoxins in fishes of the Pacific Ocean: with special reference to the mechanism of actionLi, Kwan-ming.; 李冠民.1966351
ICT and change in physical educationLeung, Kin-sang.; 梁健生.2004764
ICT and library collaboration: HKALL and shared storage case studiesSidorko, PE2005114
ICT delivery of health information for older adults in Hong KongLiu, Jie; 刘捷2011236
ICT implementation in teaching different subjects in a primaryschoolTam, To-kuk; 譚桃菊2003433
ICT supported collaborative learning of business studiesLiu, Kit-ying.; 廖潔凝.2004474
ID1-induced activation of PI3K/AKT/NFkB pathway: mechanisms and significance in esophageal cancerLi, Bin; 李斌2009301
Idea development and organization in English writing for seventh formersLau, Man-kit, Tony.; 劉文傑.1997475
The idea of a libraryFerguson, AW201076
Ideal and complication: an inquiry into the notion of liberty, equality and fraternity in Kieslowski's Threecolours trilogyChan, Mei-kuen, Natalie.; 陳美娟.2011299
Idealisation for mathematical modelling in geotechnical practiceHo, Chau-man.; 何秋文.2006250
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