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C-shaped canal in human mandibular second molarCheung, Ho-ming, Lisa.; 張皓明.2006413
Cable television in Hong KongLam, Lung, Eric.; 林龍.1991392
Cadenza as reception: stylistic and structural analysis of selected cadenzas for the first movement ofBeethoven's piano concerto op. 58Kwan, Kit-hing, Kelina.; 關傑卿1994600
Caesarean delivery on maternal request: systematic review on maternal and neonatal outcomesWang, Cong, Kerynn.2011233
Cai Yuanpei's views on educational and political pursuits(1911-1927)Lui, Mo-dock.; 雷武鐸1997564
Calcium Homeostasis in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived CardiomyocytesLee, YK; Ng, KM; Lai, WH; Chan, YC; Lau, YM; Lian, Q; Tse, HF; Siu, CW2011181
Calcium signaling in the cardiac differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cellsWei, Wenjie; 魏闻捷2012173
Calcium signaling pathways and cell proliferation in human cardiac fibroblastChen, Jingbo; 陳靜波2008326
Calcium sulphate hemihydrate: effect of humidity in storageChan, Kwok-chu, Timmy.; 陳國柱1999559
Calculation of available transfer capability of transmission networks including static and dynamic securityShaaban Mohamed, Mohamed Abdel Moneim.2002458
Calibration and validation of transit network assignment modelsFung, Wen-chi, Sylvia.; 馮韻芝.2005577
Calibration of examination marksChing, Ching-yu.; 程貞如1993400
Calibration of new sheared delay formulae for the estimation of queuesand delays in TRANSYTWong, Wai-tak.; 王偉德.1999382
Calmness in mindful practice: emotional stroop performance following stress induction in a mindfulness campYeung, Kin-yan.; 楊健恩.201295
Camera calibration from silhouettesZhang, Hui; 張慧2006669
Camera network calibrationZhang, Guoqiang; 張國強2006676
Campaigning for communications decency in Hong KongCheuk, Wing-chuen.; 卓永椿.2001391
Campaigns for promoting waste reduction, reuse and recycling: case studies in Japan, Singapore and HongKongLai, Kit-ying.; 賴潔瑩.2009889
Campus design: landscape redevelopment for the Shaw College of the Chinese University of Hong KongNg, Kwok-yan, Franco.; 吳國恩.1997600
Campus redevelopment of pedestrian network: as a crucial element in interacting with urban growthZhou, Yuting, Carmen.; 周宇婷2009336
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