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The policy impacts of international institutions: a case study of the anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing regime in Hong KongMak, Chin-ho.; 麥展豪.2010177
The policy making process of smoking ban policy in Hong KongCheng, Yvonne.; 鄭以芳.2011576
The policy of practical schools in Hong KongCheng, Mei-ching.; 鄭美菁.201254
The policy role of administrative tribunals: a study of the Air Transport Licensing AuthorityLee, Yiu-cho, Joseph.; 李耀祖.1989217
The political and social conditions of the Tang dynasty during the An Lushan rebellion as reflected in Du Fu's PoemsLo, Kwai-ying.; 羅桂英2008260
The political aspect of the airline industry: government interventionTsang, Chiu-ying, Susanna.; 曾昭瑩1996317
The political career of Yang Yiqing (1454-1530)Tse, Chun-yip.; 謝雋曄.2009460
The political culture of the intellectuals in post-Mao era: the advent of a civil society (gongminshehui)?Yan, Wai-ying.; 甄偉英.1993204
The political dimension of the provision of basic education in Hong KongChan, Kam-fu.; 陳錦夫.1994212
The political economy of educational investment: a review and an appraisalKwok, Kwok-chuen.; 郭國全1986183
The political economy of public housing in Hong Kong: a sociological analysisHo, Kwok-leung, Denny.; 何國良.1989291
The political economy of regional disparities in transitional economies: a case study of Jiangsu province,People's Republic of ChinaLong, Guoying.; 龍國英2002289
The political economy of regulation: an evaluation of rent control policy in Hong KongLee, Ching-yee, Jane.; 李正儀.1983195
The political economy of urban space: centralbusiness district development in Shanghai and Hong KongYe, Ming; 葉明2005197
The political ideas and activities of Hsüeh Fu-chengCheung, Wing-tak.; 張永德.1987167
The political movement of Fu She in the reign of Chongzhen in late Ming dynastyFong, Tsam-wah.; 方湛華.2011378
The political potentials of visual technology: a postmodern perspectiveYue, Wai-chik, Jack.; 余偉職.2011495
The political process and race relations in the legislation against racial discrimination in Hong KongBaig, Raees Begum.2010607
The political thought of Dong Zhongshu (179B.C. - 104B.C.)Yiu, Sai-ngoi.; 姚世外.1999267
The political thought of emperor Hsuan-te and the political development during his reignLau, Wai-wah.; 劉偉華.1987229
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