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The photochemistry of polyhalomethanes in water and the water-catalyzed dehalogenation reactions of selected isopolyhalomethanes,halogenated methanols and halogenated formaldehydesGuan, Xiangguo.; 官向國.2006157
The phycomycete flora of soil and litter in Hong KongChang, Jung.; 張蓉.1963202
The Phyllachoraceae of Australia: a taxonomictreatisePearce, Ceridwen Adele.2000189
The physical education curriculum in the junior secondary schools in Hong Kong and Guangzhou: a comparativestudyWong Poon, Yuen-fong, Christina.; 王潘畹芳.1998161
The physical environment and revitualization of local commercial street: urban design study in revitalizingShuidong street in Huizhou, Guangdong, ChinaZhu, Tingjie.; 朱廷杰2008297
The physics of neutron starsTang, Pui-shan, Anisia.; 鄧珮姗.2007262
The physiological role of transforming growth factor-beta in gastrointestinal development in the pigMei, Jie; 梅節2004296
The physiological roles of Ca2+ signaling and functional ion channels in mesenchymal stem cellsTao, Rong; 陶榮2008169
The physiology and parasitism of Helminthosporium oryzae Breda deHaanLam, Tung-hoi; 林東海1967414
The physiology of pain: analgesic mechanisms of acupuncture and laser treatmentSing, Troy William.1995291
The piano as cultural capital in Hong KongPoon, Letty.; 潘穎芝.201283
The Pianwen of the six prose masters of the Song dynastyLeung Li, Po-ching.; 梁李步正1987346
The place of technical studies in the ordinary secondary school with special reference to the science curriculumSun, Kai-wing.; 辛啓榮.1981140
The planar hall effect in thin foils of Ni-Fe alloyYau, Kin-lun.; 丘健倫1968520
The planning and development of a new metro system: the case of the Dubai metroYung, Hiu-wah, Eva.; 容曉華2008398
The planning and monitoring of subtainable transport development with accessibiligy gap index using GISKwok, Ching-wa, Rebecca; 郭清華2001261
The planning for industrial estate in Hong KongLeung, Kwan-chi.; 梁坤志.1988230
The planning of a regional shopping centre: the Cityplaza experienceFong, Sum-yee, Sally.; 方心儀.1990228
The planning of external transport infrastructure for new towns in Hong KongLeung, Pui-shan, Joanne.; 梁佩珊.2000191
The planning of the Castle Peak 'B' power station projectLam, Wan-chung, Jimmy.; 林允中.1983227
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