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Magnetic resonance imaging of the thalamus and adhesio interthalamica in twins with schizophreniaEttinger, U; Picchioni, M; Landau, S; Matsumoto, K; Van Haren, NE; Marshall, N; Hall, MH; Schulze, K; Toulopoulou, T; Davies, N; Ribchester, T; McGuire, PK; Murray, RM2007107
Making sense of differences: language, culture, and social realityAu, TKF200396
Making sense of numbers: children’s understanding of place-value conceptChan, WWL; Au, TKF; Tang, JCY201277
Making Up for Weaknesses: Motivational Effects of Ability, Group Norms, and IdentificationZhang, X; Lam, SF2009121
Managing intergroup attitudes among Hong Kong adolescents: Effects of social category inclusiveness and time pressureLam, SF; Chiu, CY; Lau, IYM; Chan, WM; Yim, PS2006271
Manifestation of and factors affecting depressive symptoms among Hong Kong adolescentsLeung, Sau-wah, Ada2002281
Marital adjustment in couples with one partner having physical disability/illnessLau, Wai-yee, Kelly.2000427
Marui Kiyoyasu: Japan's founding father of psychoanalysisBlowers, GH1997142
Masked smoking-related images modulate brain activity in smokersZhang, X; Chen, X; Yu, Y; Sun, D; Ning, M; He, S; Hu, X; Zhang, D2009110
Maternal depressive symptoms and child social preference during the early school years: Mediation by maternal warmth and child emotion regulationKam, CM; Greenberg, MT; Bierman, KL; Coie, JD; Dodge, KA; Foster, ME; Lochman, JE; McMahon, RJ; Pinderhughes, EE2011211
Maternal motivation to help the handicapped childrenChoy, Chi-ling, Agnes.1983220
The Maudsley Family study: Premorbid and current general intellectual function levels in familial bipolar I disorder and schizophreniaToulopoulou, T; Quraishi, S; McDonald, C; Murray, RM2006121
Maximizing potential: Lengthening and strengthening our strideChan, J; Li, R; Spinks, JA1997101
Meaning of achievement and attributional styles: a comparison of the new Chinese immigrant and non-immigrantstudents in Hong KongChan, Wai-foon, Rona.2000234
Measurement of Individualism-CollectivismHui, CH1988407
Measures of self-concepts in depressives related to severity of depressionMessie, Nichole Germaine1981526
Measuring exposure in natural disasters: the case of Hurricane KatrinaChan, C; Rhodes, J201225
Measuring social relational quality in colorectal cancer: The Social Relational Quality Scale (SRQS)Hou, WK; Lam, WWT; Chi, CL; Yiu, TF; Fielding, R2009234
Mechanical causality in children's 'folkbiology'Au, TKF; Romo, LF1999104
Mechanism independence for texture-modulation detection is consistent with a filter-rectify-filter mechanismKingdom, FAA; Prins, N; Hayes, A2003212
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