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Gait of normal Hong Kong Chinese children: The bootstrap approachBaconShone, VC; BaconShone, J200084
Gambling and completed suicide in Hong Kong: A review of coroner court filesWong, PWC; Cheung, DYT; Conner, KR; Conwell, Y; Yip, PSF2010220
Gambling Behavior and Problems Among Older Adults: A Systematic Review of Empirical StudiesTse, SSK; Hong, SI; Wang, C; Cunningham-Williams, RM2012128
Game-theory approach for resident coalitions to allocate green-roof benefitsTsang, SW; Jim, CY2011200
Gan-en (感恩) and Ye (业): locating collective compassion in the monastic individualKuah-Pearce, KE200966
Gang Girls in Hong KongLi, NL; Laidler, KA2009112
Gang youth, risk behaviors, and negative health outcomesSanders, B; Valdez, A; Hunt, G; Laidler, KA; Moloney, M; Cepeda, A201086
Gangs and Global Exchange: An Experiment in Comparative EthnographyFraser, AD201143
Gao Juefu: China's interpreter of western psychologyBlowers, GH1995138
Gap between tourism planning and implementation: A case of ChinaLai, K; Li, Y; Feng, X200672
Gap of health care for midlife women: controlling risk factors of stroke as exampleChau, PH; Woo, J; Goggins, WB; Ho, SC201158
Gauging public views through electronic channels: a case study of the Hong Kong S.A.R. GovernmentLo, Wing-hong, Bernard.; 盧永康.2011182
Gender and grandparent-grandchild relations in Hong KongLou, VW2008122
Gender and Political Participation in Hong KongLee, EWY2000207
'Gender and Political Participation in Hong Kong:Colonial Legacies and Postcolonial Development'Wong, PK; Lee, EWY2008157
Gender and sexualityHuang, CJ; Valussi, E; Palmer, DA2011112
Gender bias in policingLeung, Hang-san, Steven.; 梁恆新2002257
Gender considerations in couple work: Reflections from social workers involved in marriage counselingLeung, TYK; Ng, MLT; Yeung, KC; Yau, ITY2005118
Gender difference among youth smokers who called youth ouitlineLeung, AYM; Chan, SSC; Wong, CN; Mak, YW; Fong, DYT; Chik, BCB; Lam, DOB; Lam, TH200986
Gender difference of youth smokers who called the Youth Quitline and their outcomesWong, CN; Chan, SSC; Leung, AYM; Fong, DYT; Leung, YP; Chik, BCB; Lam, DOB; Lam, TH2010136
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