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An Unanswered Question about Heavy Metals in Chinese Herbal Medicinal Preparations: Environmental Contamination or Medicinal Elements?Shen, J; Zhao, L; Wong, HK; Tsang, KW201260
Unexpected Neuronal Protection of SU5416 against 1-Methyl-4-Phenylpyridinium Ion-Induced Toxicity via Inhibiting Neuronal Nitric Oxide SynthaseCui, W; Zhang, Z; Li, W; Mak, S; Hu, S; Zhang, H; Yuan, S; Rong, J; Choi, TC; Lee, SMY; Han, Y201298
Unidirectional Cross-tolerance from Levetiracetam to Carbamazepine in Amygdala-kindled SeizuresZhang, ZJ; Xing, GQ; Russell, S; Obeng, K; Post, RM200354
Up-regulation of microRNAs, miR21 and miR23a in human liver cancer cells treated with Coptidis rhizoma aqueous extractZhu, M; Wang, N; Tsao, SW; Yuen, MF; Feng, Y; Wan, TSK; Man, K; Feng, Y2011650
Up-regulation of TIMP-1 by genipin inhibits MMP-2 activities and suppresses the metastatic potential of human hepatocellular carcinomaWang, N; Zhu, M; Tsao, SW; Man, K; Zhang, Z; Feng, Y2012128
USA Patent Application '61/219,073: Materials and Methods for Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections.Lau, ASY; Yang, LH; Law, HY2009177
USA Patent Application '61/369,428: Uses of Cim-1 and Related Compounds for Treating Inflammation and Modulating Immune Responses.Lau, ASY; Yang, LH2010186
Use of 3-acetoxymethoxycarbonyl-2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-1-pyrrolidinyloxyl as an EPR oximetry probe: Potential for in vivo measurement of tissue oxygenation in mouse brainShen, J; Liu, S; Miyake, M; Liu, W; Pritchard, A; Kao, JPY; Rosen, GM; Tong, Y; Liu, KJ200662
The Use of a Noninvasive and Nondestructive Method, Microcomputed Tomography, to Evaluate the Anti-Osteoporotic Activity of Erxian Decoction, a Chinese Medicinal Formula, in a Rat Model of Menopausal OsteoporosisSze, CW; Tong, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhong, L; Lau, ASY; Yow, CMN; LAI, YM200992
The use of a noninvasive and nondestructive method, microcomputed tomography, to evaluate the anti-osteoporotic activity of erxian decoction, a Chinese medicinal formula, in a rat model of menopausal osteoporosisSze, SCW; Tong, Y; Zhang, YB; Zhong, LLD; Lau, ASL; Yow, CMN; Lai, YM; Ng, TB2009122
Use of acacetin and related compounds as potassium channel inhibitorsLi, GR; Lau Chu-Pak; Qin Guo-Wei; Wang Hong-Bing2010119
The Use of Chinese Herbal Medicine for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Polysaccharides from Wolfberry Prevents Corticosterone-induced Inhibition of Sexual Behavior in Stressed Rats by Regulating NeurogenesisLau, WM; Lee, CD; Fung, MY; Sang, Y; Shen, J; Chang, RCC; So, KF201259
Use of electroacupuncture to accelerate the antidepressant action of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: a single-blind, randomised, controlled studyZhang, Z; Ng, R; Man, MSC; Li, J; Wong, W; Wong, HK; Wang, D; Wong, M; Tsang, A; Yip, K; Sze, CW201313
Use Of Hplc Fingerprinting To Evaluate The Quality Of Erxian DecoctionSze, CW; Tong, Y; Zhao, SHOUXUN200994
Use of LC fingerprinting to evaluate the quality of Erxian decoctionHu, YM; Sze, SCW; Zhao, SX; Tong, Y200949
The use of lobetyolin and HPLC-UV fingerprints for quality assessment of radix codonopsisQiao, CF; He, ZD; Han, QB; Xu, HX; Jiang, RW; Li, SL; Zhang, YB; But, PPH; Shaw, PC2007198
Useful Exploration on TCM Education Localization in the University of HongKongWang, Y; Feng, Y201328
Using association rules mining to explore pattern of Chinese medicinal formulae (prescription) in treating and preventing breast cancer recurrence and metastasis.He, Y; Zheng, XIAO; Sit, C; Loo, TY; Wang, Z201232
Using association rules mining to explore pattern of Chinese medicinal formulae (prescription) in treating and preventing breast cancer recurrence and metastasis.HE, Y; Zheng, X; Sit, H; Loo, TY; Wang, Z; Xie, TING; Jiao, B; Ye, Q; Chen, J2012122
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