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W.H.O. Comparison of two doses of mifepristone in combination with misoprostol for early medical abortion: a randomised trialHo, PC2000125
W7, a Calmodulin Antagonist, Directly Blocks Human Ether a-go-go Related Gene Potassium Channels Stable Expressed in HEK 293 CellsZhang, X; Jin, MW; Li, GR2008104
Waist Circumference as a Predictor of Cardiovascular Risk in the Hong Kong Cardiovascular Risk Factor Prevalence Study-2 (CRISPS2)Cheung, BMY; Wat, NMS; Man, YU BUN; Tam, S; Cheng, CH; Leung, GM; Woo, JEAN; Janus, EDWARD D; Lau, CP; Lam, TH; Lam, KSL200685
Waist circumference thresholds provide an accurate and widely applicable method for the discrimination of diabetesHuxley, R; Barzi, F; Lee, CMY; Lear, S; Shaw, J; Lam, TH; Caterson, I; Azizi, F; Petal, J; Suriyawongpaisal, P; Oh, SW; Kang, JH; Gill, T; Zimmet, P; James, PT; Woodward, M2007147
Waist to stature ratio is more strongly associated with cardiovascular risk factors than other simple anthropometric indicesHo, SY; Lam, TH; Janus, ED2003309
Waist-to-stature ratio and waist circumference cutoffs in Hong Kong adolescents based on international obesity task force body mass index standards (abstract)Mak, KK; Ho, DSY; Lo, WS; Lai, YK; Thomas, GN; Lam, TH2006108
Wait and transplant for stage 2 hepatocellular carcinoma with deceased-donor liver graftsChan, SC; Sharr, WW; Chok, KSH; Chan, ACY; Lo, CM201325
Waiting time and doctor shopping in a mixed medical economyYeung, RYT; Leung, GM; McGhee, SM; Johnston, JM2004122
Waiting time, doctor shopping, and nonattendance at specialist outpatient clinics: Case-control study of 6495 individuals in Hong KongLeung, GM; CastanCameo, S; Mcghee, SM; Wong, IOL; Johnston, JM2003117
Waiting to see the doctor: Understanding appraisal and utilization components of consultation delay for new breast symptoms in Chinese womenLi, WWY; Lam, WWT; Wong, JHF; Chiu, A; Chan, M; Or, A; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Chan, SWW; Fielding, R2012141
Waldenstrom hypergammaglobulinemic purpura and pregnancyCheung, VYT; Bocking, AD; Hollomby, D; Gagnon, R; Walton, J199379
Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia and nephrotic syndrome with membranous nephropathyCheung, WC; Cheng, IKP; Chan, KW; Lo, WK; Chiu, KW199199
Waldenström macroglobulinemia with karyotypic aberrations involving both homologous 6qWong, KF; So, CC200187
The walk of a flamingoPeh, CG; Clark, JA1995172
Walking for transportation in Hong Kong Chinese urban elders: a cross-sectional study on what destinations matter and whenCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, CHP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM; Johnston, JM201326
Walking in the cement forest: a health enhancement and pedometer-determined ambulatory (HEPA) program in Hong KongLeung, AYM; Tse, MA; Cheung, MKT; Shum, WC; Lancaster, BJ; Lam, CLK201277
Warburg effect revisited: An epigenetic link between glycolysis and gastric carcinogenesisLiu, X; Wang, X; Zhang, J; Lam, EKY; Shin, VY; Cheng, ASL; Yu, J; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY; Jin, HC2010139
Warfarin associated intracerebral hemorrhage in Hong Kong ChineseTeo, K C; Mahboobani, N R; Lee, R; Siu, DCW; Cheung, RTF; Ho, SL; Lau, GKK; Chan, KH201429
Warfarin induced skin necrosisChan, YC; Valenti, D; Mansfield, AO; Stansby, G2000103
Warfarin interactions with Chinese traditional medicines: Danshen and methyl salicylate medicated oil [2]Tam, LS; Chan, TYK; Leung, WK; Critchley, JAJH199589
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