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Q fever: Underdiagnosed in Hong Kong?Chan, JFW; Tse, H; To, KKW; Li, IWS; Tang, BSF; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY2010349
Q-switched alexandrite laser for the treatment of nevus of Ota increase viscoelasticity of the treated areaChan, HHL; Lam, LK; Wong, DS; Wei, W2003272
Qigong exercise for the treatment of fibromyalgia: A systematic review of randomized controlled trialsChan, CLW; Wang, CW; Ho, RTH; Ng, SM; Ziea, ETC; Wong, VT201297
Qigong exercise improves the sleep quality of the patients with chronic fatigue syndrome: A waitlist randomized controlled trial.Chan, JSM; Ho, RTH; Ng, SM; Ziea, ETC; Ng, BFL; Chan, CLW201315
QRS changes and QT intervals on 12-lead ECGs in patients receiving biventricular pacing for congestive heart failureFan, K; Lee, KLF; Yu, CM; Tse, HF; Chau, E; Chan, WS; Ho, C; Lau, CP2001368
QTL association analysis of the DRD4 exon 3 VNTR polymorphism in a population sample of children screened with a parent rating scale for ADHD symptomsCurran, S; Mill, J; Sham, P; Rijsdijk, F; Marusic, K; Taylor, E; Asherson, P200159
QTL linkage and association mappingSham, PC201086
QTL methodology in behavior geneticsCherny, SS2009173
QTL Methodology in Behavior Genetics: from Linkage to Genomewide AssociationCherny, SS200799
QTL methodology in behavior genetics: From linkage to Genomewide AssociationCHERNY, SS200761
QTNM: A simplified TNM or just another staging system?Lang, BHH; Lo, CY200944
Quadrivalent vaccine against human papillomavirus to prevent anogenital diseasesGarland, SM; HernandezAvila, M; Wheeler, CM; Perez, G; Harper, DM; Leodolter, S; Tang, GWK; Ferris, DG; Steben, M; Bryan, J; Taddeo, FJ; Railkar, R; Esser, MT; Sings, HL; Nelson, M; Boslego, J; Sattler, C; Barr, E; Koutsky, LA2007137
Qualitative and quantitative CT evaluation in silicosis : A clinicio-radiological correlative studyOoi, CGC; Tsang, KWT; Cheung, TF; Khong, PL; Ho, IWT; Ip, MSM; Tam, CM; Ngan, HYS; Lam, WK; Chan, FL; Chan, MMW2002113
Qualitative and quantitative magnetic resonance imaging in haemoglobin H disease: Screening for iron overloadOoi, GC; Chen, FE; Chan, KN; Tsang, KWT; Wong, YH; Liang, R; Chan, V; Ngan, H1999171
Qualitative content analysis of classical traditional Chinese medicineliterature on the core symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorderLam, Tak-ho.; 林德豪.2011449
Qualitative research methods in family medicineLam Tai Pong1998195
Qualitative studies on symptom experience among Chinese patients diagnosed with cancer- A systematic review (abstract & poster presentation)ZHANG, W; Lam, WWT; Fielding, R201312
A qualitative study of Chinese immigrant mothers’ beliefs on adult cancer prevention at childhoodWang, DL; Lam, WWT; Wu, J; Fielding, R201258
A qualitative study of patients' views on quality of primary care consultations in Hong Kong and comparison with the UK CARE MeasureFung, CSC; Mercer, SW2009154
A qualitative study of the views of patients with long-term conditions on family doctors in Hong KongMercer, SW; Siu, JY; Hillier, SM; Lam, CL; Lo, YY; Lam, TP; Griffiths, SM2010245
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