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The f requency and distribution of CMV envelope glycoprotein genotypes in bone marrow transplant recipients with CMV diseaseLo, CY; Woo, PCY; Lo, SKF; Peiris, JSM; Luk, WK; Yuen, KY1997161
F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose non-avid hepatosplenic T cell lymphoma: A diagnostic pitfallHo, SL; Loong, F; Lam, C; Anthony, MP; Kwong, YL2012247
F-actin reorganization and inactivation of Rho signaling pathway involved in the inhibitory effect of Coptidis Rhizoma on hepatoma cell migrationWang, N; Feng, Y; Lau, EPW; Tsang, C; Ching, Y; Man, K; Tong, Y; Nagamatsu, T; Su, W; Tsao, S2010548
F. Leung, Y.-k. Tu, W.Y.C. Chew, and S.-P. Chow replyLeung, F; Tu, YK; Chew, WYC; Chow, SP200854
F18, a novel small-molecule nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, inhibits HIV-1 replication using distinct binding motifs as demonstrated by resistance selection and docking analysisLu, X; Liu, L; Zhang, X; Lau, TCK; Tsui, SKW; Kang, Y; Zheng, P; Zheng, B; Liu, G; Chen, Z2012133
F1k-1, a receptor for vascular endothelial growth factor, is expressed in the neural cells of developmental human retinasLi, S; Shu, SY; Bao, XM; So, KF; Tay, DKC; Lui Kau, KWF; Li, F; Yang, WK; Yip, HKF2003117
F4H5: A novel substance for the removal of silicone oil from intraocular lensesStappler, T; Williams, R; Wong, D2010148
FA and directional diffusivities of normal white matter maturation from late childhood to young adulthoodKhong, PL; Qiu, D; Siok, WT; Tan, LH200792
Fabrication and characterization of a new type 4 × 4 arrayed position sensitive detectorXunjun, QI; Lin, B; Chen, D; Chen, Y2005186
Fabrication and Characterization of biomimetic multichanneled crosslined-urethance-doped polyester tissue engineering nerve guidesTran, R; Choy, WM; Cao, H; Qattan, I; Chiao, JC; Ip, WY; Yeung, KWK; Yang, J20148
Fabrication and Characterization of Monodisperse PLGA-alginate Core-shell Microspheres with Monodisperse Size and Homogeneous Shells for Controlled Drug ReleaseWu, J; Kong, T; Yeung, KWK; Shum, HC; Cheung, KMC; Wang, L; To, MKT201357
Fabrication and characterization of multi-channel chitosan nerve conduit and its potential applicationAo, Q; Wang, AJ; Chen, GQ; Zuo, HC; Zhang, XF; Fung, CK; Tsui, Y; Shum, DKY; Chan, YS200888
Fabrication and characterization of two-dimensional pin-cushion position sensitive detectorsChen, D; Lin, B; Chen, Y200497
Fabrication and evaluation of chitosan devices for peripheral nerve regeneration: An initial studyWang, M; Shum, DKY; Chu, CS; Lam, KO2006141
Fabrication and evaluation of chitosan devices for peripheral nerve regeneration: an initial study.Wang, M; Shum, DKY; Chu, C.S; Lam, K.O2006101
Fabrication and improvement of the density of Li2TiO3 pebbles by the optimization of a sol-gel methodWu, X; Wen, Z; Xu, X; Han, J; Lin, B2009218
Fabrication and surface modification of porous nano-structured NiTi orthopedic scaffolds for bone implantsWu, S; Liu, X; Chu, PK; Hu, T; Yeung, KWK; Chung, JCY201088
Fabrication and surface modification of porous nickel-titanium shape memory alloy for bone graftsWu, SL; Liu, XM; Chu, P; Hu, T; Yeung, KWK; Chung, CY2010101
Fabrication of a new two dimensional near infrared pincushion silicon based position sensitive detectorQi, X-J; Lin, B; Chen, Z-P; Cao, X-Q; Chen, Y-Q2006104
Fabrication of an osteochondral construct with an intact interface using rabbit mesenchymal stem cells (rMSCs) and collagen gelCheng, HW; Chan, D; Chan, BP201095
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